Recording Artist Elevated Shares His Story and Plans for the Future

Music artist Elevated started his musical journey by uploading his original material on YouTube, which was an emerging video-sharing site at that time. He used the alias “Elevated” as he was inspired by some music pages he listened to, like Majestic Casual, Hyyer Education, and 88rising. He also wanted to embody a mysterious personality by not letting people know his true name or his background.

When Youtube became the massive site that it is today, Elevated’s career began to take off. He decided to focus on uploading content on the website to jumpstart his music career with the hopes of transitioning to mainstream media later. He kept the name Elevated as this was the name that people became used to calling him from the start.

Elevated started producing his own music when he was only 12 years old, and it became his way of expressing his feelings. During those days, he only had his laptop and the digital audio workstation software called DL Studio to work with. Elevated would constantly rewind the songs he listened to and reproduce them by adding his own mix.

In 2018, Elevated was given his first major project, which was for the extended play of Spaceman by the French-British rapper and singer Octavian. Most beats that were sent to him by the hip-hop superstar’s team were created on YouTube, and they wanted him to lead the project. The collaboration turned out to be a success and officially launched another facet of Elevated’s career which is producing.

After working on his first mainstream project, Elevated began working with some of the biggest musicians in modern music. He had previous collaborations with British rapper Central Cee, “Funky Friday” singer Fredo, English singer Jorja Smith, and East London-based rapper and singer Yxng Bane. In addition to these important collaborations, Elevated has a lot of unreleased material with other artists as well.

Elevated has successful projects with other artists, but what he considers his greatest achievement yet is making the music for the documentary “The Outsiders”. Directed by Simon Frederick, the six-part series has received favorable reviews from critics and audiences worldwide. This documentary series made Elevated more popular across the world as his work was met with high praise.

Elevated’s advice to the younger generation of musicians is to love music for what it is and not for what it can give or provide. The goal for every true artist is not to make money or be known but to be the best that they can be. Also, he wants aspiring music artists to never be afraid to experiment and try out new things since most great music pieces are products of mistakes and accidents.

Elevated has more tracks coming out next year, and his fans, including thousands of his followers onInstagram and Facebook, can’t wait. He hopes to bring more music to his fans, who have never stopped supporting him from his early beginnings. Things are looking promising for Elevated as he continues his journey in the music industry.