Joshua Garcia aka 3Nights Shares Valuable Tips for Success

Joshua Garcia’s path to entrepreneurship began when he was very young. While still in high school, he was the go-to guy for chips, drinks, and basically anything else sellable he could get his hands on. Although it wasn’t much, that experience gave him a confidence boost and an idea for a bigger business.

With a few friends, Joshua began a dropshipping business. It became very successful within a short time. Being his first serious business, that success motivated him to continue his life as an entrepreneur.

By the time he was in college, the business demands were too much. Joshua chose to drop out of college and dedicate his time to taking care of the company. The decision was difficult to make, but it soon paid off, and he was grateful he did it.

When they were sure the business was firmly established, Joshua and his friends branched out into other sectors. They started out with the fashion industry and pioneered one of the largest trends when they launched the Cookies and Kicks shoe store.

Recently, the store surpassed the 2-year mark and has become one of the most popular stores in LA. The store has three business fronts, all located on Melrose Avenue, and is a staple for shoes and fashion in the city.

The store’s success encouraged Joshua to try more things. He is currently exploring the real estate and cryptocurrency markets. Additionally, he made his debut in the music industry not long ago as the recording artist 3Nights.

So far, his music has over 540K plays and streams worldwide. He has gained 3M+ followers and subscribers on different social media platforms. On top of that, he has attracted the attention of big companies and is already making deals with some like Nesquik, a Nestle subsidiary.

For a first-generation immigrant who’d never run a business before or seen anyone else in his family do so, the transition was tough. Things he’d never thought of, like the hiring process, became a major issue. Poor money habits and strategies lost him what would have been lucrative opportunities. However, he still learned several important lessons.

One: you don’t have to fully understand how things work. Whether it’s a new business you want to try or a career you want to pursue, you will never fully comprehend how it all works. Take the first step and learn the rest as you go. Learning is a continuous process.

Two: no effort is ever wasted. You will probably fail many times before you succeed. You will incur losses and suffer setbacks along the way despite your best efforts to avoid them. You can’t give up, though. Stay committed to your goal and keep pushing.

Three: your past shouldn’t limit how far you can go. Discipline, commitment, and an open mind are the most important ingredients to creating the reality you wish to live. No matter what your background is, you can rewrite your story. As Joshua himself proves, you can completely shatter the glass ceiling.

Lastly, asking for help is not a weakness. Sometimes, the easiest way to deal with problems is to ask for help from those ahead of you in the game. Although every business is unique and has a unique set of problems, quality mentors can see things you don’t and help you make better decisions.