Haseeb Azizi: an unconventional hip-hop rapper 

Music has been feeding human souls forever. We have music for every mood and every occasion. Out of so many tunes that you love to hear, only a few remain in your memory. This is because there is something about the music that connected with you. Haseeb Azizi is one such musician who has been using his music to soothe and motivate young minds. His blazing lyrics talk about the struggles of life that resonate with the challenges that most young talents face. His music also encourages people to follow their passion and never quit following their dreams. 

The fiery lyrics of Haseeb Azizi have become his signature style. It is something that has become his identity for his fans. Another unique aspect of Azizi’s music is his unconventional blend of classic tunes and jazz. This unique combination creates soul-warming music that helps him stand out. With his unique composition and lyrics, the 21-year-old hip-hop rapper has introduced revolutionary music, setting a new rapping trend in hip-hop. 

Haseeb Azizi was always an introverted person in school. Writing became the best way for him to vent his emotions. This naturally developed his flair for writing. His first introduction to music happened when he was in college. Being a natural wordsmith, Azizi joined his college band “Captivated” as a lyricist and later became one of the lead singers of the group. Raised by a single mother, Azizi was well-versed with financial struggles. For him, performing in the music band was a source of income to support his family. Being surrounded by like-minded people also helped him to come out of his shell and explore his true calling in music. 

Seeing his family struggle throughout his childhood, Azizi never had fancy dreams about his career. He was always determined to grab any job after college and live on weekly pay cheques. After being motivated by his friends and family, Azizi thought of trying his luck in music. He worked hard to balance his education with his passion for music during his college days. Soon he began uploading his videos on various social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Before he knew it, some of his compositions went viral, and he knew there was no looking back. 

Haseeb Azizi is a rising star in the world of hip-hop. He is also called a rebel who dares to break traditional hip-hop and introduce his unique sound. He is also recognized for his realistic approach to music. He introduces his audience to the harsh realities of life. Being well aware of the steep competition in the industry,  Azizi is working harder to set his own standards with every new release. He spends months writing and recording his songs to present something fresh and exciting to the audience. 

Going by his fearless attitude, Haseeb Azizi has already become a role model for aspiring artists. He believes that every passion-driven person must fight to pursue what he loves rather than sacrificing it to the challenges in life. He wants every aspiring talent to follow his path to success with an unyielding spirit.