How Recording Artist Seno Hustled His Way to the Top

Building yourself a career in the music industry is an incredibly daunting task on its own. Many try and, regardless of their talent, are unable to go far due to how demanding this competitive industry is. For many, making it is a life-long achievement. Music artist and songwriter Stefan Morales, more popularly known as Seno, has gone through the same challenges; however, he was able to make it out and into this rather competitive industry. 

Even with that, Seno was hit by life’s challenges, ones that would leave most people down, but he got back up, and that is why he is on his way to becoming a big name in the music industry. 

Seno grew up in Florida, but he has Texas blood in him, where his most dominating qualities and taste for music developed. Initially, Seno liked old Texas rap, but as he grew up, he also started to incorporate the trends in Southwest Florida. In the early days, Seno and his friends would only freestyle in his guesthouse, but they were onto something – at least Seno was. 

In the beginning, Seno started his music by rapping. However, as time went by and he gained experience, he realized that he wanted to add more melody to his work, and he did. This is a sign of development, understanding, and willingness to grow. People often refrain from changing this style only because they want to feel good about themselves. Seno’s change in music style is a portrayal of his maturity and love towards his music. 

In 2016 Seno dropped his first album called Stories From the Back. Seno had his game going at this point, and he was starting to get into the music industry until life struck him down. In an unfortunate event, Seno was arrested for discharging a firearm in a public place, and he served a year in county jail and then another 4 years on probation. For most people, a traumatic and major event like this would tear them up and prevent them from following their dreams again. 

Seno, however, amazed everyone after getting back up again and picking himself up. Upon his return to music, his friend and manager started getting calls for meetings with A&Rs from everywhere. He had bounced back, and his music was good enough to speak for itself. Since then, Seno has been working on many projects, many of which are complete, and he can’t wait to share them with everyone. When it comes to hard times, Seno has seen them all, and he wants everyone to know that even though it may sound cliche, following your dreams is the only important thing you can do, and you can do it with the right determination and passion. Seno has great plans for the future: he wants to put his music out into the world and sing on a stage in front of thousands again. These are all incredible goals that are very near to becoming true, and the most amazing factor of all is that Seno has the faith and confidence in himself to be able to pull it off.