A Look into Resident DJ Axel Beca’s Unique Style of House Music 

Music has often been considered the soundtrack of our lives. It can talk about our individual worlds and a unique mix of cultural experiences, recreating long-faded memories. According to fast-rising DJ Axel Beca, music is the perfect and the purest art form. He describes it as a means to uniquely share our stories with the rest of the world and interact with others, which DJ Axel has achieved with his unique style of house music.

DJ Axel uses his songs to tell the story of his life, encouraging and empowering others going through similar situations while spreading positivity. He shows people that while there are different challenges, you can rise above them and achieve your goals.

DJ Axel has had a deep interest in music from a young age and has always wanted to be a recognized DJ and producer. In pursuit of his dream, DJ Axel moved from Miami to France; however, it didn’t work out at first, and he ended up working in restaurants as a busser. Doing so, he was also perfecting his DJing skills, and he got his first gig at Soho House, Miami, where he played a few nights.

His unbeatable talent as both DJ and singer/songwriter helped him cement his place in the industry, creating more opportunities, and he became a resident DJ at Bamboo Miami. DJ Axel has traveled around the world as a guest DJ playing in several countries, including Dubai, Mexico, France, the USA, and Romania. He has also had the opportunity to perform alongside J Blavin, Skrillex, and Bob Sinclar, with his songs receiving worldwide recognition.

DJ Axel is widely known for his songs “Want,” featuring Nil Cazale and “Need You.” He says he is working on his latest single, “Break Me,” which is set to be released early 2022. 

DJ Axel notes that when creating music, his goal is to compose songs that the audience relates to and are timeless. To ensure he does just that, DJ Axel is quite diverse in making his music, something that he has adapted in his performances.

His diversity in the selection of songs has allowed DJ Axel to pull larger crowds, and most of his shows are sold out. He has played at some of the best nightclubs globally, such as XS Vegas, Story Miami, and Le Gaga Mamaia. DJ Axel is also a resident DJ at Seaspice and Mynt, where he has worked for the past six years.

Unlike most resident DJs who play what club and restaurant owners tell them to, DJ Axel has a unique style and mix that has enabled him to stand out in the industry. He creates his diverse mix fit for the target audience and produces his own songs.

Asked about future projects, DJ Axel Beca says he has lots of music lined up. He is working on his new release, “Break Me,” and is also planning to make music for NFTs with graphic designers and support videos as he continues to play different events across the USA and worldwide.

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