This is Robin Kadir, Sweden’s Hottest Upcoming DJ

Robin Kadir is a Swedish musical artist who has whipped up a buzz about himself for his multifaceted creative endeavors. DJing for audiences of thousands, producing gold-selling records and even directing the occasional award-winning music video, Kadir is rapidly becoming known as one of the more promising young acts in his field. Today we sat down with him to get a more detailed look at his career. 


Nineteen Media Group: How did you first get involved with the music industry?

Robin Kadir: While studying at Hyper Island University I taught myself to DJ, and through that route I felt I wanted to start producing music as well and taking it more seriously.

Nineteen Media Group: Taking it seriously might be an understatement… I heard you played at Boston Calling?

Robin Kadir: I was there performing two nights for a weekend back in 2018 with some fellow Swedish artists, first time playing in the US.

Nineteen Media Group: So how do you spend your time when you’re not busy rocking festivals?

Robin Kadir: Right now it’s a lot of producing/writing music and apart from that I also work full time at a marketing agency called Creed Media.  

Nineteen Media Group: Speaking of touring, how did you deal with social distancing as a performing artist?

Robin Kadir: As long as restrictions have allowed it we’ve been out touring, and when they don’t allow it we spend the time in the studio. 

Nineteen Media Group: And we heard you did some traveling?

Robin Kadir: I moved to Dubai for a while at the start of 2021, shooting some videos and producing music. 

Nineteen Media Group: Was that where you produced your gold-selling record, Sanka?

Robin Kadir: Yeah Jireel, Macky and I started cooking it up from there and finished it with A36 when we got back to Sweden. There are a few other tracks coming out that were started there too. 

Nineteen Media Group: I’d imagine it is. Thank you for all that Robin, we’re wrapping up here… would you mind giving us a little rundown of your future plans?

Robin Kadir: I’m moving out to LA at the beginning of February. Working on my debut album from there with English-speaking artists from the US and UK. 

Nineteen Media Group: Wow, your debut album? When can we expect that?

Robin Kadir: It’ll be out this year, 2022.

Nineteen Media Group: We’ll be sure to check it out when it is. Thank you Robin!