How Fast-Rising Star Babak Rabiee Is Using His Talent to Impact Lives

Music helps our bodies and minds heal, allowing us to freely express our emotions. It also assists us in sharing our stories with the rest of the world and, in the process, encourages anyone going through a similar situation, something Babak Rabiee aims to achieve through his songs.

According to Babak, just like music has been his second home helping him through some of his most harrowing moments in life, his goal as a musician is to create empowering songs that the audience relates to. He tells his story and encourages his audience, showing them that you can fulfill your dreams despite life’s challenges.

Babak’s childhood was one of his best and also toughest times. At the age of 14, he lost both his parents, who were his strongest support system, and for some time, he didn’t know what to do. Babak turned to music to preserve and maintain that bond with his parents.

Both his mom and dad were singers and band members of the Bambis Group. Growing up watching them practice and accompanying them to their live shows, Babak came to love and appreciate music from a young age. When his parents passed away, Babak began writing music to stay close to them and enjoy the beautiful memories they had created together.

However, he did not release anything just then. He notes that, at the time, not many people even knew that he could write music except his close friends. As he got older, Babak also perfected his music skills. One day he performed at a talent show at his school, winning the crowd over with his incredible voice and unique style of music, marking his rise to stardom.

He has written and composed various songs, including his most popular tracks “By Your Side,” “My Story,” and “Love Like This.” Babak has also performed alongside many big names in the hip-hop industry, opening for Giveon, Lil Nas X, and many more.

As he continues to thrive, he says he wants to encourage more people by sharing his story as he creates timeless melodies. Babak is also planning his first global tour, which, as stated by his management, will start in the coming months touring across Europe and the US.

“To make your dreams a reality, you must work towards them,” says Babak. He notes that while there are different roadblocks, you should never let them weigh you down. “You can achieve your goals with determination, focus, and resilience,” emphasizes Babak. He also adds the importance of understanding your field and knowing what is needed to succeed.

As a young artist, Babak Rabiee has invested in building his social media presence, boosting brand awareness, and providing himself a platform to connect with his ever-growing fan base. At a time when many things have come to a standstill and clubs have closed, Babak is using his Instagram and TikTok accounts to interact with his audience, dropping snippets of his next projects. He is also showing everyone that no obstacle should stop you from reaching your goals.