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The Takeover

The Takeover Podcast is a family owned podcast for “The People”. Goal is to provide a non-political correct view on sports and other topics. Nicknamed” The People’s Champion of Podcasts”, The Takeover provides local artist a chance to showcase themselves on the show’s “Unsigned Hype” segment. Anybody and everybody can be a star on The Takeover Podcast Show.


B.A Alexander

Co/owner /host of the Takeover Podcast Show. Hailing from Carthage Texas this well known debater of the barbershop talk will give his sharpe perspective on various topics. His main stronghold is NBA news but has keen knowledge on all sports.  This Kobe Bryant fanatic is also a well documented LeBron James hater which leads to him getting in epic debate battles with Superstar P.


From Longview, Tx now residing in Shreveport LA; Jeffrey ”Superstar P’ Pellum is the architect and main host of The Takeover Podcast Show. Retiring from the Air Force after 20 years of service, this vet loves debating about sports and various other topics. Recognized as being a stats and sports trivia guy, Superstar P is famously known for his hatred of the Los Angles Lakers which frequently leads to epic clashes with B.A. Alexander.  He is determined to make The Takeover a success while showcasing local talent  on the” Unsigned Segment” segment of the show.

Chevis Daniels

Born & Raised in Longview Tx, but now calls San Antonio Tx home.  Co-owner/co-host and brother of Superstar P is well known for bringing humor to any situation. Also known for going against the grain on most topics. His goal for the podcast is to bring a positive relief to our listeners everyday.




You can also find us on slaughtahouze.com from 5:30 to 6:30 on Fridays.


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