Kool Rula Is the Rapper to Watch Out for Out of Miami Florida

Miami has long been known to be a hub for diverse musical genres. Its music industry has been rapidly growing for the past few years, proving competent. The city is a world of art. This young talented artist is already making it in the Miami music industry and certainly someone to make it big out of Miami into the global music scene. 

The Come Up

Kool Rula is a rapper and songwriter of Haitian descent. Initially from Sonel Francois, he found passion in music upon migrating to the US to pursue a better life. He also cultivated his art through the influence of Dj Chipman at a young age. It is also courtesy of his hard work, a growth mindset, and making his sound unique. Kool is now distinguished as one of the fastest rappers in Miami, Florida. Additionally, he has also made a statement by being the top lyrical rapper in Miami.

Articulated Lyrics

Kool Rula commands words and melodies into sonically crafted masterpieces. He brings his creativity and snappy lyrics to the mic such that it creates a vibrance everywhere he performs. His rhythmic flow and instruments speak quality. Some of his top tracks include Relentless, Around the Corner ft. Lexx Lunar, Want Me ft. Ali Coyote, Smackin, No Failure, among others. He lets out his bars from an intuitive self, such that anyone would just get lost in the lyrics.

The Incredible Fashion Sense

He is a fashion enthusiast with aesthetic and high-end fashion pieces. Some of his rarest fashion possessions include Super rare Mark 7 iron Man Bearbrick, Pink Murakami pillow, in-home studio Bape rug, Bape sofa that can only be found in New York. He launched his clothing brand, Merch line, to put his taste out there for others to rock in them. 

Career Highlights

Kool’s latest music video, “Relentless,” exceeded over 100k views on YouTube. Also, a song he co-wrote, “smooth sailing,” by Trick Daddy and Trina, featuring Ali Coyote, hit national radios and TV. 

He is a statement for managing to make his music sound different. His biggest challenge is trying never to sound the same. He has managed to bring out a different vibe to his music in every song. He overcame the challenge by listening to various music genres, learning the craft behind each. 


This star has some incredible dreams and aspirations, including performing at major concerts and doing business with other brands, as his inspiration Travis Scott does. He also sees himself being a marketing genius. Kool hopes to stop rapping in the future and become a movie director to bring back the vibes from the 90s to the current and future. He feels like people need another John Singleton in this generation. 


With his experience in music, he would want others to dig deeper into their craft and try to learn the origins of the type of music they are doing so that they can appreciate it more. This way, they can expand their creativity when they know about what they are doing. 

You can listen to Kool’s music on all platforms.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/officialkoolrula