Charlie Prince (Hip-Hop Pioneer)

Chalie Prince

Charlie Prince grew up in the Bronx of Webster Avenue. He emerged from the former group, Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three, the creators of the songs: The Roof Is On Fire and Request Line, Etc. He then started his own recordings in his Queens home in the basement. He then moved out to Virginia. Charlie Prince performed at Brown’s Island after meeting up with a DJ from the radio station name Drake. He did another show there, opening for LL Cool J. That is when he met with Sean XLG Mitchell, the book writer.

After awhile he met with female emcees from Virginia that wanted to record. As times went by he then met with a guy name Triple T. So Charlie Prince gathered them together then recorded them. He then decided to call it Charlie Prince & The Family. Charlie Prince had produced the first album featuring Sean XLG the book writer on hip hop. He also produced the female group called Murda Mommies and a solo artist name Triple T under his I See Entertainment Inc. He has also released it under the name “Charlie Prince And The Family”. His album was called: ( From The Dark Womb ) which was a compilation of his Artist including himself.

Chalie Prince on stageIt took him awhile to come up with that name. He recorded songs like: ( I’m Missing U), which was dedicated to the loss of his cousin, ( We Can’t Even Party Anymore ), a song explaining how people bringing weapons in the clubs, ( Ain’t No Party ), this is a party song where the people are matured and feeling comfortable being there, ( If U Wan It ), a song calling emcees out but claiming the mic, (Charlie Prince Go ), this song is an introduction of him coming on stage to rock the crowd. From the EP ( Just Matured At It ) Charlie Prince recorded songs like: ( Everyday Is Mothers Day ), a dedication to all the mothers around the world, ( Nobody Gonna Come Between Us ), a song talking about his childhood sweetheart that he grew up with and got married, ( Almost There ), a song exposing corruption but inspiring people not to give up the struggle, ( The World Is Full Of Sin ), a song expressing his feelings on life.

Charlie Prince also started his I See Entertainment Inc. in 2004, and continues to record in his home studio in Colonial Heights Virginia.

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