Chingy – And You Know It


Multiplatinum recording artist, Chingy is set to release a new EP, titled FYR with four heavy hitters. Proceeding into the second track “And You Know It” is a manifestation of gratitude from Chingy, as he has persevered in his career amid accomplishments and successes. In this suspenseful track, he leads into lyrical confirmation: he is still fortunate to travel the world, Continue reading “Chingy – And You Know It”

Hopsin is back with “The Purge”

Hopsin has been relatively quiet since his departure from Funk Volume. Thankfully, that’s all about to change. The Undercover Prodigy rapper is back with the new single, “The Purge”. The track is a lyrical onslaught that finds Hopsin showing off an insane rhyme scheme. Watch the video below.

Watch here:

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Boosie Badazz Embraces Marine Combat Veteran and Magic Occurs

Much is not known about Boosie’s time in prison and the people who “held him down.” These relationships will never be fully understood by the public and were very instrumental in his eventual release. One of these people was Quante Eggleston, a combat veteran that had taken an enemy improvised explosive device (I.E.D.) to the face during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Quante met Boosie through his ambassadorship with U Hatin? University, a nationwide program dedicated to working with schools on eliminating bullying.

Quante had felt like Boosie was being “bullied” by the system and while he was behind bars. They communicated and hit it off through phone calls and letters. They became so close that Quante helped take Boosie’s family under his wings. He did things like record music with his oldest daughter Iviona who was also active in U Hatin?. That led to him taking her to perform a community anthem song called “Change this World Together” at President Obama’s Ambassador’s Ball during his 2nd inauguration. Quante is thanked on the insert of Boosie’s first official album after his release, Touch Down to Cause Hell.

One of the topics that Boosie and Quante have in common is music. Quante is an outstanding R&B singer and songwriter. They would share lyrics through letters and on phone calls and one of Boosie’s favorite things to say to Quante about his songs was “when I get out I am going to eat off of this one.” Being a man of his word, Boosie has been “marinating” on Quante’s music and he worked hard on deciding which song would be the first one that they would create together. Boosie heard club banger after club banger and R&B love songs that according to him are “straight hits” but he wanted the first song to be one that really touched people. He wanted to do a song that motivated and inspired people to overcome obstacles in life, and one that his fans and new fans would listen to over and over again. The song that they decided on is called “Elevate,” and is produced by Nicholas Minter, who has recently worked with Kandi Burruss, Jazze Pha, and Trouble.

The behind the scenes making of the record and the full song can be viewed below:

Both of these men understand overcoming obstacles and you will see that Boosie is being administered insulin and never slows down for a second while he is writing. This demonstrates tremendous focus and everyone that views this footage will agree that Quante and Boosie elevated one another.

The official music video is coming soon.

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Exclusive Interview – Komplex Kai

komplexkai2Hood Critic Magazine sits down with up & coming hip hop artist Komplex Kai for a brief interview. We spoke on future projects, life and even politics. Here’s what he had to say.

HCM. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Komplex Kai. My name is Komplex Kai, I’m a Native American artist from the Pacific Northwest a half hour north of Seattle. I’ve produced projects in my time that have all meant a lot to me.  I incorporate my life and its struggles as well as the good times with my music. I feel like my music can connect with people of all ages, races, etc. because it is just sharing my experiences and I’ve found a lot of people can connect with some of those thoughts, events, or concerns I share in my music. I really enjoy what I do, making music.

HCM. How did you come to know that rapping would be a career for you? Continue reading “Exclusive Interview – Komplex Kai”

Exclusive Interview With Tanay Jackson

TNJ3Tanay Jackson, a name that you’ll want to remember in the near future because this rising star is determined to create her own legacy, aside from being the daughter of Tito Jackson of the legendary “Jackson 5”.

Earlier this week we got a chance to sit down with Ms. Tanay for an exclusive interview, and here’s what she had to say. Continue reading “Exclusive Interview With Tanay Jackson”

Rising Producer & Rapper Ande Bishop

Oceans EPAmerica’s Southern States are spawning a hot new wave of urban artists, with producer turned rapper Ande Bishop on a meteoric rise at the forefront of the movement.

The latest to emerge from the prolific American Roulette camp, he first cut his teeth by providing production on the “False Hope” EP for stablemate Londn Blue released in 2014. However the expansion beyond the desk and onto the mic has its roots firmly planted in the range of influences which have come to define him as an artist.

Only since 2012 did the experimentation with the production processes begin, sampling and mashing together 70’s Soul, 90’s R&B and some Erykah Badu with Southern kicks. Continue reading “Rising Producer & Rapper Ande Bishop”