5 Things That Have Made DJ Lotus Bomb A Coveted Queen In The Music Industry

Are you longing to become a successful musician? Do you keep on wondering how you are going to pursue this career? Elizabeth Dallman’s story of determination and how she made it in the Music industry will inspire you. 

Elizabeth Dallman, commonly known as DJ Lotus Bomb, was brought up in Germany in a military base. She moved to South Carolina when she was 12years. At eight years, Lotus began her musical foundation while she was still at the army base. At 12years, she was able to play the violin and the viola. Music and arts have played a significant role in her life and made her what she is today.

Below are five things that made Elizabeth Dallman a desirable queen in the Music Industry.

  1. Starting Her Music Career Early

At the age of 8, Elizabeth had already begun her adventure of life in music. She was able to identify her talent and began working on it. At that young age, she was exposed to potent musical instruments. The violin and the viola allowed her to learn and develop skillful ways of playing the instruments.

  1. She Got An Opportunity To Be The First Chair Violinist Among The Orchestra.

Getting an opportunity to be the first leader among the group of instrumentalists was indeed impressive. It encouraged her to press on. This move made her a coveted icon in the music industry. In South Carolina, she met the orchestra, and she joined them. That enabled her to share and learn from others. 

  1. Inspiration From College

Lotus moved to a college in Charleston, where she was inspired to advance in her career. She was influenced to become a DJ. She later learnt more about music and explored production. Ten years later, in Miami, she was inspired by the house scene, melodic minimalism, and the techno house. She wanted to become a producer like them.

  1. Contact With Successful Artists.

Lotus was highly inspired by successful artists like Lee Burridge, Damian Lazarus, Mira, and Adam port. She enjoyed their success and pressed on towards her goal. She was encouraged by the foundation of music that she had got from her tender age.

  1. Releasing Her Own Production

Lotus was doing her best to come up with her production. She considers that as an outstanding achievement. She wanted to be successful like the other artists. She spends most of her time in studios and practicing being a professional DJ. Lotus spends her free time with her younger one at home watching cartoons and Netflix.


To conclude it all, Lotus deserves what she is now. She worked for it ever since she was young. She never changed her mind even after moving to different levels of life. She is optimistic and very determined. Passion, patience and persistence are what have made her a coveted queen in the music industry.To learn more about DJ Lotus Bomb follow her on Instagram at @lotusbombb.