Exclusive Interview With Tanay Jackson

TNJ3Tanay Jackson, a name that you’ll want to remember in the near future because this rising star is determined to create her own legacy, aside from being the daughter of Tito Jackson of the legendary “Jackson 5”.

Earlier this week we got a chance to sit down with Ms. Tanay for an exclusive interview, and here’s what she had to say.

HCM. Given your background, did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in music or was it kind of pre-determined?
Tanay. I always had artististic characteristics about me. Whether it be drawing, music, dancing, creating clothes, from since a child I’ve always been drawn to the arts.

HCM. When did you actually start making music?
Tanay. At 7 years old I wrote my first song. It was horrible. I created it on a keyboard I had gotten one Christmas. The song only had 7 chords. It was called “Rasta man slip on ice”. It was really an undeveloped song.

HCM. Even though Tito Jackson is your father, is there anyone else within your family you’d say help guide you along the way?
Tanay. No. I did everything myself. My dad can’t see the vision that I see for myself as an artist. I struggled by myself, I learned a lot on my own. My dad gave me advice but the little bit that I have in my career today took a very long time but I have myself to thank for it.

HCM. Who inspired you to make music?
Tanay. Music was always apart of me because of my artist abilities but I look up to Prince, Chaka Khan, Chris Brown, and Bruno Mars.

HCM. Who do you feel are the best Pop/R&B singers?
Tanay. Bruno mars is great because he can write, sing, hold a great stage performance. Any artist that is multi talented is top of the line for me.
Chris Brown I admire him because he’s a fabulous entertainer.

HCM. Do you feel that you are an artist or entertainer? Explain.
Tanay. I’m both. I can play the piano and write lyrical sheet music. There is skill to my craft so that makes me an artist. I know how to work a stage and put on a musical show due to the fact that I used to dance in theater. That’s where the entertaining part of me comes through.


HCM. Tell us about your label, Roth Entertainment and your clothing line “Mama Chola” .
Tanay. Mama Chola comprises of clothing that I designed that I’ve worn on stage. Its also clothing for women with curves.
Roth entertainment is a company I started some years back where I would get a DJ and sometimes another act and we would go around to retirement homes, elderly facilities, facilities of people with different illness and perform for them. I didn’t make money from it but it was a start and It allowed me to do what I most comfortable doing which is music.

HCM. What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?
Tanay. To raise my kids when I get some.

HCM. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, do you see yourself collaborating with any of your family members on future projects, or have you already worked together?
Tanay. I have spoken to a few family members that are interested in collaborating with me. Its something to think about.

HCM. How would you describe your relationship with your family?
Tanay. I love my dad. I speak with a few of my cousins here and there but I don’t trust my brothers. They are very jealous of my career and they wish to tear me down. They recently kidnapped me and took my DNA  sample to make a fool out of me on T.V. All three of them are harassing my career because they are not getting enough publicity. They dont understand what hard work is. I do. They are evil, they are criminals and I will never trust them again.

HCM. What can we expect from Tanay Jackson in the future?
Tanay. Hopefully a lot more but only the future can tell.

HCM. In closing, is there anything else you’d like to add?
Tanay. Stay strong  and live long.

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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