R&B Group Sentury Is Enhancing the Genre With Their New Single

R&B has been around for ages and has undergone numerous changes. Unlike some years back, there are fresh new groups that have revolutionized the original R&B sound, and some might argue that R&B is dying out. But R&B isn’t dead yet. While it has changed over the years, it is still possible to find that unique and authentic R&B sound, especially with incredible talents like the fast-rising R&B group Sentury.

This amazing group is bringing back the love of music and merging ‘90s R&B with a modern-day sound. Sentury’s true R&B sound and unique style of music are helping the group stand out with their work receiving massive attention.

Since their debut, Sentury has written and composed several tracks, including their most recent song, “Be Over,” which has gained 260K+ views in less than a month. Sentury has also done “Love of My Life,” which hit the top 25 in the Billboard adult R&B charts and remained on the charts for 11 consecutive weeks.

According to Leo, AJ, Rico, and CJ, the members of Sentury, one of the reasons they started the R&B group was to put the love back into music and get away from men demeaning women. They wanted to bring back good old R&B music while adding a modern sound to make it unique.

Sentury is enhancing the genre with their new singles and creating songs about loving women and not demeaning them. They are building a community where women feel appreciated as they use their music to spread love and positivity.

They have had the chance to share the stage with big names in the industry such as Usher, Anthony Hamilton, Charlie Wilson, and Blackstreet. Their songs are also trending sounds on various social media platforms. As they continue to bring back love with their incredible music, Sentury says that they are planning a global tour.