How To Beat The Legends In Your Industry With Niyah Smith

Niyah Smith is an intermediary between artists and their success. He is an A$R Manager who is creating a path for young people to be their best music versions. Smith has that ear to know all that is happening in the music industry. He looks for young undiscovered, or unsigned talent and molds them to come out stronger to face the competitive market. He had a tough childhood growing up, and making a name for himself makes him an idol to many teenagers. 

Niyah’s Background

Niyah Smith was born and raised in East London in an area filled with violence and crime. He, however, maintained his focus doing well in school. Growing up, Smith had a passion for jazz, Rnb, soul, and rap music genres. He has no music background in the family, which only means he has made it big through hard work and determination. In an unfortunate circumstance, he was arrested but made his way out of the situation. 

He was, after that, able to go to school where he learned mixing and sound engineering. He then learned about songwriting and vocal production. He, after that, released his first hip-hop record, “no kickers,” which came out as a success with over 100k viewers on YouTube. 

His Profession

Smith did not only come out as a competitive Sound Engineer but also an Events Coordinator and eventually an A&R Manager at 54 London, Stefflon Don’s recording label. He rose to fame when he hosted live performing artists like Stefflon Don, Shauna Shadae, Unknown T, and SNE. He also organizes events at Rich House parties.

He is currently working on an Ep with different artists from the UK and is also to release a record titled “Feeling” featuring Shaqydread this summer. 

His Thriving Forces


A strong interest in music has led Niyah to surpass all obstacles and gain strong expertise by learning and researching his craft. It is also through passion that he comes out productive and competitive in his industry.

A Clear Vision

Besides making music, Smith knew that he wanted to be a manager and fresh talent producer. He has worked hard maintaining optimism and perseverance to be where he is. When you know what you want in life, you will go the extra mile to realize your goals.

Research and Seeking Knowledge

Smith has always been engrossed in learning more about his craft, doing more research, and looking at how the tips the industry’s stars are implementing to win. He is up-to-date with events and changes in the music scenes. He is thus able to keep up with the industry.

To keep up with Niyah Smith be sure to check out his Instagram @niyahsmith or visit his website here. To stream his newest music, visit his Spotify here