Queens Rap Duo Undeniable Releases New Video “Blue Bacon”


In light of the recent events and the constant police brutality, Undeniable releases a new video directed by The God Ali carrying a message :

“Courtesy, professionalism, respect, serve and protect. Empty words when abuse of authority goes unchecked. It takes a certain kind of animal to put good people in cages. Revolution is UNDENIABLE.”

Watch the video: http://youtu.be/8YUz9PM4JsQ

What is Undeniable? Who is Undeniable? Hailing from Corona Queens, Sinnagi & O7 were two independent solo artists on the verge of releasing their first full length album. Knowing each other for more than ten years and working together on previous projects, the two artists decided to collaborate. Before they knew it,two songs turned into seventeen and the concept album “A Picture is worth…” was born.

Not wanting to keep the public waiting, Sinnagi & O7 released a seven song EP entitled“BlackMarket Artists”. Since then the two man group have performed in various venues in and out of New York City including a couple of shows they put together themselves. They have also appeared on numerous albums and mixtapes.Their latest body of work is entitled “Knuckle Sandwich” which includes production from Shogunz, The Labor Department, Reno, Romello, DVS MiddleFingaz & Danny Montoya.
“Knuckle Sandwich” also features appearances from Essence (O7 ‘ s daughter), Rod Da Blizz and The Underdogz. ”Knuckle Sandwich” is high energy with a harder edge and is just an appetizer to what Undeniable has in store for listeners.

So… What is Undeniable? Who is Undeniable? The truth is UNDENIABLE!

Undeniable is available for interviews. Please send all media inquiries to Olivia@IAMPRAgency.com

Learn more about I AM PR AGENCY and the artists we represent at www.iampragency.com 


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