Influencer Gabrielle Goins on Becoming a Successful Product Ambassador

Product ambassadors are a crucial part of the product industry. They provide valuable insight and feedback to manufacturers on what they like, don’t like, and want to see in future products. Becoming a successful product ambassador is no easy feat, though. With hundreds of social media influencers vying for the same attention, there’s not enough room for everyone to succeed. To stand out from the crowd, you need patience, creativity, skillfulness with social media platforms, networking skills, and other qualities that might take time to develop. Gabrielle Goins, aka Tasha G, is a fast-rising influencer who has carved out her niche in this competitive world by using all these qualities in abundance.

Gabrielle’s journey as an influencer has not been an easy one. In fact, it started with the worst imaginable pain when she lost her mom to cancer at only 13. Young as she was, Gabrielle had no choice but to pick up her broken heart and try to recreate her life. The grieving process taught her to be a stronger person and work even harder than she ever had in her life. Young Gabrielle became more ambitious than most of her peers, a quality that helped her prepare for the work she does today. All this while, the idea of becoming a content creator was not something she was actively considering until she was 17 when Fashion Nova liked her picture and motivated her to explore the fashion space.

From that point on, Gabrielle dedicated her efforts to fanning the flames of her budding brand. A few years in, her efforts seem to be paying off. Gabrielle has managed to grow her following organically and launch her own discount codes. With over 14.8K followers on Instagram alone, Gabrielle has monetized her following by collaborating with and becoming a product ambassador for various brands. Recently, Gabrielle has become an ambassador for the jewelry brand Ana Luisa and LIVELY, a lingerie, activewear, and swimwear company. Her dream is to continue building her reputation and establishing herself as a credible product ambassador and leveraging that to make tons of money as the face of a reputable brand.

To other aspiring product ambassadors, Gabrielle has a few tips to help them get a head-start in this competitive space. The first is to be confident in everything they do. The truth is that the first content you create will suck, but that should not discourage you. Take your mistakes as stepping stones toward a better future, not proof that you aren’t good enough. From her experience, Gabrielle says you must be your staunchest cheerleader, even if no one else believes your capabilities.

Persistence is the other quality you need to cultivate. A common misconception about being a product ambassador is that it’s an easy way to become rich through little work. However, in reality, there are more aspiring ambassadors than there are brands. That means you might be turned down more times than you will be accepted. Gabrielle advises reaching out to more brands and investing in continuous improvement. Go after more ambitious projects that challenge your skills and showcase your talent and use the feedback to figure out your next steps.

Lastly, dream big dreams, even if you feel small at the moment. Gabrielle has been chasing her dream unwaveringly since she was 17. The way she sees it, anyone can achieve anything they set their minds to, regardless of age or circumstances. Just take the first step and keep going until you finally attain your dreams.