Meet BigZaddyGreg, the Self-Proclaimed Most Underrated Rapper 

Pursuing a career in the highly competitive music industry can be challenging. Social media have become the sought-after platform for budding artists to earn their audiences. In this growing age of trends, every artist wants to take the shortcut to hug the limelight. They either go for paid promotions or collaborate with renowned artists to get noticed. However, some artists are confident in their talent and choose to work harder every day to climb the ladder of success. Rapper BigZaddyGreg is one such music artist whose three years of relentless hard work finally paid off as he came to the spotlight on social media. 

BigZaddyGreg hails from the small town of Waterbury, Connecticut, an overlooked state in the music sector. Coming from a humble background with big dreams, BigZaddyGreg knew that the road to success would not be a cakewalk for him. He was determined and trusted his skill to start making music independently. Over the last three years, BigZaddyGreg has consistently made fresh and unique music across different genres. 

So far, BigZaddyGreg has released a mixtape, 2 EPs, and several hit singles that earned him some recognition on the internet. He has amassed over 200k streams across all digital music platforms combined. BigZaddyGreg has also made an indelible social media impression, earning more than 36K followers across all platforms. Besides, he has also developed some valuable connections within the industry. BigZaddyGreg has met several record subsidiaries from Atlanta and succeeded in impressing some of them. He has signed collaboration deals with famous social media celebrities, including the “No Jumper podcast.” 

Staying consistent despite not getting the expected response from audiences initially was not easy for BigZaddyGreg. Working without results eventually took a toll on his mental health. BigZaddyGreg went into depression and suffered self-doubt. He failed to secure a deal with the Atlantic record label in his first two attempts. These successive losses made BigZaddyGreg heartbroken and drove him to the brink of losing faith in his talent. However, he summoned courage and decided to pivot his life on track and work towards his goal. 

During the last three years, hard work and consistency have been the biggest motivation for BigZaddyGreg. He kept reminding himself that he was great at his skill and would prove that one day. Every time BigZaddyGreg thought to quit, he remembered why he started, and everything fell into place. BigZaddyGreg has always been passionate about music and started creating out of his love for art. He finds happiness making music, and that helped him overcome his initial struggle as an underrated rapper. 

BigZaddyGreg wants to continue making music because that’s where his forte lies. He also loves to help people and believes in kindness and fair treatment. BigZaddyGreg aspires to become a role model to other budding artists in the industry because of his past experiences, and most importantly, he believes that his experiences are relatable to most budding artists at some point in their careers. He stays relentless, continues to bring his A-game to the music scene and hopes to attain the pinnacle of his career in the nearest future.