Still Going Strong – 3 Decades in the Entertainment Industry


Time doesn’t just past – it flies by! After three decades in the business and multiple R.I.A.A. certified gold and platinum records awarded to the partners in their promotion and marketing company, Mia Mind Music celebrates another year in the industry.

To commemorate this major milestone they’ll be paying tribute to past artists and labels, as well as the records they worked for them. The list includes Alex Chilton, Madonna, Master P, MTV VJ Kennedy, Smithereens, Black Sheep, Tyler Hilton, Men At Large, Wrens, Tommy James, Forte, Blotto, David Peel, Patricia Kaas, L A Starr, Larry “Bud” Melman, Universal, Sony, EMI, Virgin, Polygram, BMG, Warner Bros., CBS, Decca, Mercury, and many, many more.

Entering into the business in the early 1980s when vinyl and magnetic tape still dominated the music market, the Mia Mind Music staff has seen innumerable changes impact the industry landscape. From digital recording techniques, CDs, home computers, the Internet, mobile devices, digital retail transitions and social media platforms they’ve witnessed firsthand how these technological advancements have both helped and hurt those in the profession.

“Surviving in any business is based upon your ability to change with the times,” stated a founding Mia Mind Music partner Stevie B. “As a small organization,” he continued, “it was easier for us to alter our course and change direction when necessary to meet the needs of our clients and the current market requirements. Whereas with major labels, and larger companies, this was certainly not the case.

“I remember at the beginning of the new millennium how these larger corporations first fought, and then tried to stonewall, these innovations. It was like watching a dinosaur running at full speed toward a tar pit they knew was there, yet they were just too big to stop in time before becoming trapped in the muck and mire. When they finally did embrace the newer promotion and marketing developments they were, and to this very day, still behind the proverbial eight ball.

“That’s where we, as a boutique business, have the advantage,” he concluded.

So, feel free to contact them ( to wish them a happy anniversary, say “hi”, or talk to them about any entertainment project you might be involved with. Because one thing that hasn’t changed at Mia Mind Music after all these years is that their initial consultations are still free. For the better, some things, thankfully, never change.

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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