Top Entrepreneurial Lessons To Learn From Kev Kouyoumjian

Founding a business and nurturing it to success is not for every entrepreneur. It’s a demanding task requiring sacrifices, hard work, discipline, and resilience. Like any other career, you will likely experience a chain of low and high moments, and your determination and resilience will guide you to the top. 

Entrepreneur and rapper Kev kouyoumjian is one of the successful businessmen living his dream. Kev, notably known by his stage name Kev King is the CEO of Drink Glow, a top beverage brand supporting body and mind health. GLOW Beverages are offered in two formulas; hydration and hydration & energy, with each beverage containing a thoughtful blend of vitamins, herbs, antioxidants, amino acids, and electrolytes. This combination of ingredients works to help detoxify the body, support liver health, and boost mood and immunity.

A serial entrepreneur, Kev King is also the CEO of World Tech Toys, a leading world-class toy manufacturer. With a new 100,000-square-foot facility, and in-house designers at the headquarters in Valencia, CA, World Tech Toys brings outstanding innovation and design to the radio control category. Their authenticity and quality products have seen the brand capture the industry’s attention working with some of the film industry’s notable brands, including Marvel, Star Wars, Ford, Disney, and others such as Bugatti and Lamborghini, among many others. Additionally, Kev King and the entire World Tech Toys promise their customers new lineup licenses, including DC Comics, Ghostbusters, Sonic Boom, WWE, Shark Week, NFL Players, and NBA teams and players Ford, among many others.

Though a self-made success, Kev King also recognizes that it has not been an all-smooth journey. The passionate rapper and entrepreneur have faced numerous challenges, most of which have helped shape the person he is today. However, his biggest hurdle was being a self-made entrepreneur and working for everything he has achieved today. Like most entrepreneurs, Kev King had to learn the art of making crucial business decisions by himself. This also included wearing numerous hats alongside performing other roles. 

Any newbie in business or even the experienced ones will attest to how tough it can get. Still, a self-motivated individual, Kev King, has overcome all these hurdles to build his empire. He now believes in the power of hard work and resilience in the quest for success. Kev King wants everyone to believe that you can achieve whatever you desire. The important thing is to cultivate a working strategy and ensure that you do things the right way. Challenges might drag you back but can never deter you from realizing your dreams. 

A born winner, Kev King, envisions prosperous years ahead with more musical and business wins. His ambition is to expand his brands all across and become a household name in each sector. Drink Glow remains one of his ambitious projects, and Kev King dreams of launching one of the world’s biggest drink brands under its umbrella. To him, success is a journey; every day is an opportunity to explore and experience something new.