Cheryl Reid’s New Single “Cum’on On the Dance Floor”

Reid_Cheryl2_Crush_664aaIf you like your EDM (electronic dance music) with the hottest sounds around, then check out Cheryl Reid’s new single and video called “Cum’on On the Dance Floor.” The EDM artist’s new single is gaining views on and several other international sites since word got out the her writers/producers Wirlie Morris and Carroll Paryo are using a hotter than hot array of EDM sounds on this sizzling single. The sounds include Trance, electronics, and espionage from their arsenal of EDM sounds. Her producers also use such quintessential dance elements as the 808 kick and they layer synths for her EDM tracks.

The pair completed “Cum’on On the Dance Floor” in about two weeks with the actual recording done in one day and the writing of the song done in about two weeks. Cheryl Reid envisioned the storyline for the music video and stars as a singer who checks out the hotties on the dance floor at an EDM nightclub. She is considering releasing an album of her hottest singles.

“Cum’on On The Dance Floor” follows Reid’s singles titled “Santa Baby,” and “Move Your Sexy Body.” Cheryl continues with some of the sexy themes that she uses in her songs. She hasn’t had any censorship issues in other countries and states she “thinks people seem to be more open to it as art and creativity outside the US.” She designs her own costumes and uses clothes that she feels should go with the songs.

“Cum’on On The Dance Floor” will be released March 3, 2015 by Lotus Records at Cheryl’s pre- release party in Miami, FL at the hottest EDM nightclubs. For more information about Cheryl Reid, please visit her website.

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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