Q & A With Shift (DJ Shift)

Pain KillerQ. Where are you from?
A. California

Q. How did you come by your stage/band name?
A. I used to race motorcycles before I became a DJ. And Shift also meant change. So it was fitting that it was a change in my life.

Q. When did you start making music and taking it serious?
A. Been making bootlegs and personal edits for years but just got real serious on the original production in the last couple years.

Q. How do you feel about they present state of the music industry?
A. DJ are the new rock stars the Electronic music scene is at the highest point it’s ever been.

Q. Who influenced you to become an artist/band? And why?
A. All the DJ’s in Las Vegas influenced me to become and entertainer. I love to make people have fun.

Q. Today’s music seem to be about collaborations with the “hottest” artist out. Who would you want to work with on a project? And why?
A. To work with Adele would be amazing. Her voice gives me goosebumps. Also Sam Smith and Tove Lo. Actually I would be privileged to work with anyone who’s making music from the heart

Q. Do you feel that you are an artist/band or entertainer? Explain.
A. I am an entertainer 1st. That’s my main goal is to make people have fun. Being able to play my own music is perk of the process.

Q. Does going gold or platinum matter to you?
A. No, it would be great but the main focus is making music that people fall in love with.

Q. How do you feel about bootlegging?
A. I have no problem with Bootlegging as far as making the song more accessible to different situations. You can’t play Adele’s Hello in a club unless you remix or make a bootleg to it. But if you mean bootlegging as in pirating. I think everyone I know including myself Is guilty of it. And you don’t think about it until you are on the artist/sales side of it. Of course I would prefer someone to purchase my music legally to help offset all the money I put into it. But at the end of the day i would rather someone pirate my song than not have it because they didn’t want to or couldn’t purchase it legally.

Q. Would you prefer to be independent or signed to a major?
A. Who ever has my best interests in mind. But major labels have more options for artist collaborations so that’s a plus.

Q. What are you currently working on and how can the people find you?
A. My newest single Pain Killer just hit the USA radio airwaves, iTunes and we are shooting the video currently.

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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