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Evien Interview

evienimage1We sat down earlier this week with up and coming dance/pop artist Evien for a brief interview. Here’s what the artist had to tell us…

HCM. When did you start making music and taking it serious?
About one year ago, when I penned ”What the Hell,” the first song I had ever written.

HCM. Would you prefer to be independent or signed to a major?
I am happy with being independent for now due to the fact that I am learning so and composed the melody for, which is on my EP ”Broken Together.” much about the music business—on a personal level—and I am making important decisions as I progress, which I love; but, if a major label came my way, I am open to the opportunity.

HCM. Are you the best at what you do in your opinion?
Absolutely. I am bold, passionate, and authentic—representing the new wave of pop.

HCM. What is your ultimate goal at the end of your career?
I wish to be fully fulfilled, meaning reaching the ultimate goal of being a known.

evien broken together

HCM. What are you currently working on and how can the people find you?
I am currently promoting my ”Audrey Hepburn” music video and ”Broken Together” EP artists. Artist, not just a recording artist but an artist crossing all areas of the entertainment industry. Through magazine, radio, and TV promotional campaigns. I officially released a new EDM track ”Never Find Us” on December 4, 2015. I plan to be in the studio working on new tracks soon.

You can keep tabs on me via my website, Facebook and Instagram .



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