unnamed (8)Melodic Intersect is an ongoing world fusion music project that brings together a diversity of musical styles, cultures, and disciplines. Led by the renowned tabla player, Enayet Hossain, it features collaborations from a rotating ensemble of talented musicians thoroughly integrating rhythm and melody from genres such as jazz, Southeast Asian classical, rock, Eastern and Western folk, and many more.

Their fifth album, “Looking Back” (Aimrec Records), is slated to be released the first week of June and features performances by Hidayat Khan (sitar), Indradeep Ghosh (violin), Zohaib Hassan (sarangi), Greg Hatza (keyboards), Fred Koch (saxophone) and Qamer Abbas (cajón). Together they look back at all the lessons they’ve learned throughout the years. According to Hossain, “We wanted to look back and pay homage to ‘Eastern Visions’, our original album which was praised for its simplicity and appeal.”

The various musicians that make up the group called Melodic Intersect are currently on tour and performing singularly and collectively around the globe. A worldwide radio and press campaign has been initiated to promote “Looking Back”. The eight songs that are included on the album are expected to be warmly received by new world music and  jazz broadcasters and taste makers.

Members of the band are available, touring schedule permitting, for interviews and/or appearances. Melodic Intersect’s press-kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media (just use the media contact information provided below). News and updates may also be found at: http://www.melodicintersect.com.

Media Contact:
Stevie B
Mia Mind Music
Phone: 800-843- 8575
Email: press@miamindmusic.com

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