Rapper Z.I.G Teams Up With Baby Eazy-E and Numb N Pain On “Like Ughhh” Single


Brandon Carl Dugas, known on the street and in the music game as Zig aka Z.i.G. (F.C.F.), was born in Jennings, La. in 1982. His father left when he was 2 years of age, so his mother took him and relocated to Orange, Texas aka “Fruit City.” He grew up in the low-rent housing projects in West Orange. Very intelligent with a wild side, Zig fell in love with music at an early age.

He was very heavily influenced by Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, DJ Screw & The S.U.C. (namely Lil’ Keke), UGK, Bone Thugs N Harmony and more. Both during his free time and at school, he would freestyle with peers and made a few tapes which got a small “buzz” around the area. He later made his first serious mixtape entitled “Fruit City’z Greatezt M.C.” which he recorded in his grandmother’s back-room on a desk-top computer with a regular mic.

Years later Z.I.G helped form a Hip Hop crew called “Fruit City Faculty” or F.C.F for short. Moreover, He went on to make an impact with such independent hits as “I’m Bruce Lee” and the club banger “Light Switch.” Additionally Z.I.G has collaborated with such artists as Baby Eazy-E (E3)” (Eazy-E of NWA’s son) from Compton, California with the new single “Like Ughhh,” and “D-Gotti” of “The Screwed Up Click” from Houston, Texas with the new single “I (Mannequin).” His love for Hip-Hop, Rap, the culture, and music in general keeps him hungrier than ever, and the artist they call “Zig” or “Z.I.G.” of “The F.C.F.” is only just getting started.

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