Spade Monrow – 2 Timbz Down (Review)

Spade Monrow (Which is a pretty damn good rap name) believes his time is now. His gutter bars combined with this willingness to produce a sound that appeals to many is hella impressive! Well he has five new tracks that I will review, and I’m expecting nothing less than fire from him. Will Monrow live up to the expectations? How bout we see.



5. CHALK IT UP (4.5/5)

As soon as the beat drops on this song, I swing these imaginary dreads that I have! F–k it, I’m bout to get me some Fetty Wap extensions just to rock to this song!

If you aren’t familiar with Spade, this song lets you know pretty quickly; Spade shows you these extremely impressive bars, as his flow goes from slow to fast like any one of your favorite rappers.

The flow isn’t the only thing that is impressive to me, I think his wordplay is pretty damn good too! Throughout, Spade gives you some very clever bars that let’s you know that he’s more of an intelligent rapper than a gimmicky one.

4. BIG PLAYS (4.5/5)

‘Big Plays’ is more Dak Prescott to Dez than Scott Tozien to Dwayne Allen type of big play.

‘Big Plays’ is hella catchy, as Spade hits the listeners with a melody that we can all sing-a-long to; Don’t let the singing fool you though, cause the song is still gutter, as his raspy voice allows for thugs in the bando to sing-a-long too!

In this day in age where every rapper uses auto-tune (probably too much even), Spade shines bright without it; you can tell Spade understands the elements of making a hit record, cause those little details can literally be the difference.

3. DANGEROUS (4.5/5)

This is another track that knocks very hard as soon as the beat drops! Even if you don’t like his raps (which i have no clue why you wouldn’t), you have to at least be blown away by the power of the production on this album.

Spade shines bright on this song, as he immediately establishes his rap presence once his verse starts. Overall, his part is filled with passionate bars, a catchy flow, and a great understanding of the different changes in the beat.

Doesn’t Spade have this uncanny ability to switch the pace of his flow? It seems so seamless to me.

2. SUSPECT (4.7/5)

On ‘Suspect’, Spade takes that trip to LA, as he raps over this DJ Mustard sounding beat.

I absolutely love this track! Spade opens up on his verses, as he raps with this understandable paranoia in both his lyrics and tone. Do you know why I say his paranoia is understandable? Because he gives a nice vivid explanation on his verses to why he should be, and I get it….Who wouldn’t be paranoid if they had the damn plug with them on an ordinary day.

Spades delivery on this song is dope to me! He dictates the pace very well on this song; its almost like he has the beat on a leash.

1. WOOP, WOOP (4.9/5)

Let me start off this review by saying that this instrumental is easily my father… This s–t goes harder than a frozen coke can! All jokes aside, this beat is reminiscent of classic Dr. Dre to me.

While I praise the instrumental (Rightfully so), Spade also kills his part with this very glorious bounce to his raps. Content-wise, Spade raps with this demeanor that is dismissive to both the cops, and his dusty ass foes. Though the topics in his lyrics seem pretty edgy, it still boasts this nonchalant sound to it that is calming.

The chorus on this song is very dynamic, as Spade delivers this catchy yet rugged hook. Overall, it has this rallying cry sound to it that transfers its energy into the listeners soul almost immediately.



Though it is a small sample size, these five songs are very damn good upon first listen! As I said earlier, Spade has a good understanding of music, and shows this through his melodies, flow, and rap content.

You know what artist Spade reminds me of? He reminds me of Fred from Making the Band. Before you look up Fred and find out he was one of the people that got Puff cheesecake, hear me out: Fred was definitely my n—a! He was a dope ass rapper that was pretty gutter, but at the same time had some serious appeal to him. My only issue with Fred was that he couldn’t stay off the WEEEEEEDDDDDDDDAH (Stephen A Smith Voice).

Readers, give these five songs a listen, cause Spade will definitely excite. Also, if you want to submit something to me that’s hot for review, click on submit your music, or contact me for details!

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