HCM Interviews The Voice of Shreveport – ELAW

Hood Critic Magazine sits down with DJ, radio personality and entrepreneur, ELAW. Over the years ELAW has been a contributing factor in the growth of both Shreveport’s “under the radar” urban scene and small business advertising. Check out his interview to learn more…

HCM. Tell us about where you’re from and how you got to this position today.
ELAW. I’m from Shreveport LA. Started out by opening a record store called MUSIC CITY in 1990, one year after I graduated college.

HCM. What was it like working for a big radio station?
ELAW. It was cool at first, when I could pick my own music. Around 1997 that station got bought out by a corporation that made us follow a playlist.

HCM. During your career you’ve had a fair amount of business ventures, which ones were the most successful in your opinion and why?
ELAW. The most successful was owning the E&S Metro Hall which was a building I rented to people for weddings, parties, and other functions. I had mass appeal as people are always looking for a venue to host events.

HCM. Your video show ‘Phat Traxx’, what’s the status of it and do you plan on bringing it back?
ELAW. I’ve just recently re-activated that show’s Facebook page looking for new calendar girls, but no immediate plans to resume broadcasting the TV show.

HCM. What would you say was your biggest risk taken in your career?
ELAW. The biggest risk was expanding from record store owner to video hosting/video production. My degree is in Finance and not Mass Communication. It was a completely new field to me from the production side. I have always been an avid viewer of TV/video.

HCM. What suggestions do you have for other entrepreneurs like yourself?
ELAW. Pretty much the standard advise of picking something that you already have a passion for doing. That way you can “work” long hours that won’t seem like work at all.

HCM. What are your plans for the near future?
ELAW. Simply to continue to expand the listenership of KHAM Radio Station and to expand our client list for MCS Ad Agency. Also gonna keep DJ-ing parties.

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