How Officially GP’s Success Went Over The Roof From The Word Go

Have you heard of people whose career chose them and who make statements from the word go? Dawud Sami, professionally known as Officially GP, is that person whose talent has graced stages and different cities. He is the co-owner of “Red Karpet”— a clothing store and a studio. He is also a hip-hop artist, a model, and an actor. 


He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up with love for music. He reflects his passion for music from over 15 years ago, where he would watch his cousin and his long-time friend, Ray Cash, sing. He also found inspiration from renowned hip-hop artists such a Jay Z, Master P, Ice Cube, etc. When he was starting in 2017, Officially GP was named the “Artist to look out for “ in the Source Magazine. He was also said to be “The artist to watch” in the 2017 freshman edition of the XXL Magazine. Fast forward; he has gone beyond notable to being an exemplar to many in the fashion, music, and business worlds. 

Here is how he has made headlines in such a short while.

1. Brand Building

Officially GP and his Co-founder of Red Karpet have been working day and night to establish their unique public image with a value people can identify with. They curated the brand in a year filled with hard work and devotion. They have some of the city’s stylish clothing and are releasing hits after hits having a productive sound engineer, 4matik Hitmaker, who is also the organization’s co-founder. 

2. Authenticity 

Officially GP has earned his success out of authenticity. Being authentic is his personality. In all his songs, he speaks his truth with vocals that stimulate reflections on reality. He has gotten people to believe in him for being factual. His talent is at the heart of his message. He seeks to be in a position where he could speak, and millions would listen. A place where he could leave a message and people would enforce it in their lives. He lives by and always spreads the truth.

3. Passion 

GP is passionate about his music, modeling, acting, and running a business. Passion is his primary drive as he can overcome all obstacles, looking forward to achieving his goals. He can utilize his potentials to the maximum and positively impact society. Love is what leads him to believe in his proficiency and business.


The traits mentioned are the enforcers of his success. Right from the very beginning, he prioritized brand building and enforced genuineness in his works. You can reach out to him through Instagram. You can also listen to his songs on Apple music.