How Fly Guy DC’s Unmatched Energy Is Making A Name For Him

fly guy dc

Fly Guy DC is a radio host, influencer, and philanthropist. He is said to be the millennials’ voice as he brings to them all the nightlife and events they crave. As a host, he is a crowd controller. He has contributed to the fantastic entertainment of the southern hub. He is someone whose ear is always to the streets and is not afraid to pivot in times of uncertainties. His career seems to have chosen him.

About Fly Guy DC

He was born in Washington, D.C., but their family moved to Georgia in 2007. He is the eldest in a family of 5 kids who a single mom has raised. Being the most senior, he had to play the father role and act as a role model to his siblings. Growing up, he was all about sports which include football, baseball, and basketball. Getting into the entertainment industry was not on his plate. He, however, had an accident while in college playing basketball, and that led him to the entertainment scenes.

Getting into The Entertainment Scenes

Being a people person, his homeboys asked him to host a party they were throwing. He made people laugh at the event, and people were already booking him for events. He went from hosting one club to 3 or 4 clubs a week and so on. Before he knew, his career was at its peak—talk of inborn talent. 

In 2015, he got into Dj Holiday’s Show on the radio. In 2017, he landed the 6 pm to 10 pm show with Ferrari Simmons to 2020. And now, in 2021, he has his night show on Streetz 94.5 in Atlanta. 

He is the youngest radio personality at 29 years of age with a Top 10 rated radio show in a prime-time slot in a top 10 radio market. He has risen to success in merely two years as a radio presenter without mentorship, media/communications background, nor formal education. 

His Successes

During the pandemic, he took the time to propel his brand and creativity. The young heavy-hitter created two digital platforms; ‘Storytime with Fly Guy DC’ and ‘Isolation Insider.’ The two platforms have garnered thousands of views across Instagram and YouTube. His Isolation Insider has become a hit sensation across the internet, receiving high praise. On the platform, he has sat down with notable figures such as YBN Nahmir, Mulatto, and YFN Lucci with over 30 minutes of in-depth conversations on various topics. Fly Guy’s work has been on TheShadeRoom, and ‘The Neighborhood Talk’ as one of his interviews created a significant buzz across the internet.   

He has broken some of the hottest artists like Lil Baby, DaBaby, Megan, Roddy Ricch and continues to do so. 


Fly Guy DC has unmatched insane energy on all his hosting that would drown your sorrows instantly. He treats different events and each day on the radio with extra energy. Additionally, he lives by the principle that what he does is not about himself but the people. And by that principle is his brand growing. Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @iamflyguydc or check out his website to learn more about this trend setter.