Four things All Musicians Can Learn From John Jay

American singer John Jay was born on February 24th, 1987, in Long Island, New York City. He would soon move to Miami with his family at an early age after birth to start a new life in the musically gifted city. Blessed by a supportive family with a considerable interest in music, John Jay did not take long to develop an interest in music. At age 9, Jonathan was already playing the piano and recording classical music. It was visible to everyone, both friends and family, that he was talented in music. 

After completing his high school education in the famous Miami Dade College, it was now time to pursue his dream in music. He was going to establish himself in the music industry and build a name for himself. Despite him being passionate and talented, the musical journey of this rising star was never bound to be easy. The Miami music industry is saturated with wannabe music artists who have toiled daily to get contracts and make huge signings with the music record label. He tried to get a record label to sign him, but he was not successful.

Pioneering Independent Hits

When John entered the music industry, he admits, he was very excited and confident with his skills. He had done music half his life and was not sure about the dynamics of how the music industry worked. He didn’t expect a bed of roses, but what he found out was far worse. The young talented artist was losing their chance at going professional due to their numbers in the industry. In 2016, John Jay chose to start his record label. He had grown tired of the constant rejections but was not about to give up on his life’s dream. During this year, ‘Independent Hits’ was founded and through his label, he was going to achieve his dreams. 

It was a slow start for the record label. By then it was not prominent and had no history. Most artists did not like working with a label without a track record. For almost a year, John Jay’s record label had not made a single submission. He had to rethink his plan because something was not right. He decided to target the underrated young artists, the ones who had been rejected just like he was by the big record labels just like him. 

Light at the End of the Tunnel

For every young artist he signed, he made it his duty to find an audience and provide the best services concerning music. Gradually his record label began to grow, and he was signing artists under his label. Independent hits had grown into one of the largest playlist networks in Miami from a small record label. Jay was making good music with prominent artists such as Khalid and Zayn. But guess what? The record label has acquired over 200+ playlists on the media app Spotify and had more than 10 million followers on this music app. His monthly listeners have now grown to 6million. Today, he is one of the big names in Miami.

Besides being a founder of a record label, John Jay has also made his music. He has an album and nine hit singles doing well in the mainstream to his name.