HCM Artist Spotlight Interview with Lilvzexy

Over the weekend HCM got with up and coming artist Lilvzexy for an in depth Q&A session. The artist gave us a brief look into his career and how he came to be in the position he’s in now, as well as insight to his upcoming release. Lilvzexy also talks about some of the challenges he’s faced during the spand of his career in addition to some of his future plans. Check out his interview to find out more.

Lilvzexy Interview

HCM. How did you come by your stage name?
Lilvzexy. Well I used to go by Beatboxzexy back then I was a very good beat boxer, and then I change it to Lilvzexy just add the zexy.

HCM. When did you discover your love for music and what made you realize you wanted to pursuit a career in music?
Lilvzexy. I always love music since I was a little kid. I love playing the piano when I was 6 year old. I realized I wanted to pursuit music when I saw my friends in middle school started to make music and he pop off. He inspired me, his name is Sui and he’s very talented. My surroundings as well. I just hang out with a lot of cool people.

HCM. On your current/upcoming album… How did you come up with the concept for this project?
Lilvzexy. Well right now my upcoming single came out June 22th, 2021 called “Summer Vibes”. The style of the beat is Deep House and much so a new style to flow on. I meant to drop this single years ago but I finally did some work on it and finish it in a week. Lastly this is suppose to be a summer time track so it happy and fun !

HCM. What are some of your greatest challenges as an artist, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?
Lilvzexy. Some of my greatest challenges I still deal with is being pessimistic and having a fixed mindset each time I work on a new track. I just feel like it not good, and sometimes I end up throwing the song in the trash. My greatest attribute is I keep working hard, and Sisyphus is actually a track that on my album called “Chapter 2”. It just tells a story of how I started from nothing to something. Back in the past like 2009 my family was broke and dealing with so much stress. But we never give up on life .

HCM. What impression would you like listeners to be left with after hearing your music?
Lilvzexy. I want those who listen to my music be left with the impression of someone who got bullied in school for being special. The person who was always kind and wanted to help everyone. The person who almost took his life not once but twice because how many people where being mean to him and etc. Anything is possible in life you can become successful just always work hard.

HCM. What are your plans for the near future?
Lilvzexy. My album called “Chapter 2” drops in a few months. I’m dropping it sooner than the actual date, August 17th, 2021, is when it come out. September 27th is the real date, but I’ll be dropping a deluxe version. On there it will have 15 tracks in total.

HCM. Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?
Lilvzexy. I wanna shout out Osibih, Suigeneris, Snuffles, Berubeswagos, all of these people been amazing and the deserver to be on here with me!

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with Livzexy’s music, check out his latest release “Summer Vibes” below:

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