A genuine professional among a sea of imposters- Christian Green:

Christian Green is an E-commerce Entrepreneur. He launched his business early in the year 2019. 

When he started his Dropshipping business, his first month’s sales were about $120k. This motivated him to continue this business. Dropshipping is a form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customers but does not keep good sold in stock. It is an online business whereby the suppliers or manufacturers have to deliver the products directly to the buyer, who is a customer to the dropshipper and they are not involved in the delivery process. All he has to do is share the clients’ details, including the delivery address. By the end of the year, his sales went up to about $1 million. And by the end of his second year, his sales crossed more than double!

Encouraged by his success, Christian move forward and launched another brand in October. Later that year he launched his new brand which deals with a fulfilment centre in California. And his new brand gained quite a success by the end of that year as its sales were worth over $2.4 Million. Since its launch in October, the sales have crossed over $3.5 million which made this brand gain a lot of attention. Christian was able to create a multimillionaire dollar Ecommerce business amidst this Covid-19 pandemic. 

Christian belongs to those group of businessmen who openly share the secret to their success with the world. He openly shared the screenshot of his business records to prove that his tactics are legit. He is willing to be as transparent as possible as there exist, people who earn only from cheating people, thus tarnishing the name of the dropshipping community.

According to Christian, Dropshipping is a type of business with has huge competition and in order to succeed in the world of Dropshipping, one has to outshine their opponents through innovative and new strategies. So, Christian believes, unless people understand their driving force and find out why they are doing this business, they are pretty likely to fail in their business. Christian is looking forward to starting his own brand where he wants to help people who are willing to start their own business by sharing his tips and experience with them. In the past, few years, Christian’s brand has gained a lot of success which made Christian one of the very successful and renowned E-commerce entrepreneurs in the industry. 

To know more about Christian Green, you can simply follow him on his Instagram page @christiangreen.jpg