HCM Artist Spotlight Interview with Rello XO

In the ever expanding world of music we found the opportunity to interview an up and coming artist who goes by the name of Rello XO. With a seemingly familiar upbringing with roots in the church, Rello XO aspires to take the industry head on with a strong sense of faith and diligence. Take a look at his interview to learn more.

Rello XO Interview

HCM. How did you come by your stage name?
Rello XO. “Rello” just made sense with my real name being Jarrell. I like to think I bring the heat on records as well. The XO just sounded really dope to add at the end.

HCM. When did you discover your love for music and what made you realize you wanted to pursuit a career in music?
Rello XO. As a kid I loved all kinds of music especially R&B and Pop. I fell in love with Rap when I got a little older listening to different artists. I just tried it myself one day and was like yeah I got this.

HCM. To what or whom do you accredit your sense of style?
Rello XO. My music inspirations are so diverse with Nicki Minaj at one end of the spectrum and Lecrae at the other. Personally though I pride myself on lyricism and creativity.

HCM. On your current/upcoming album… How did you come up with the concept for this project?
Rello XO. Growing up in church made me want my first project to be heavily faith influenced. At the time I was writing most of the records I had that in mind. So, I wrote the songs based off of different experiences and told them creatively.

HCM. What are some of your greatest challenges as an artist, and what is your greatest attribute when it comes to your work ethic?
Rello XO. My greatest challenge would be my lack of confidence in myself. I know the skill is there but on some level I fear rejection.

My greatest attribute would be just me knowing I’ll figure everything out. My drive with all my music was corrupted the day before I wanted to upload to streaming services. I found different files in my email and on my phone then decided to use those. My perseverance is something I really admire in myself.

HCM. What impression would you like listeners to be left with after hearing your music?
Rello XO. Make the music you want to make. Don’t focus on what’s cool and trendy. If you love it enough, people will love it too.

HCM. What are your plans for the near future?
Rello XO. Definitely working on some visuals for a couple of the songs on the tape. More photoshoots. Then hopping into my next project.

HCM. Is there anyone you’d like to thank, any shout outs?
Rello XO. I would like to thank myself for sticking this out. There was a lot of insecurity and uncertainty I felt at multiple points during this process. I prayed about it and got reassurance from people who love and care about me. With that I continued to push myself and push my pen.

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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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