Dylan Leonte of Dylan ‘N’ Alice Shares Successes and Future Plans 

Dylan Leonte began his career in entertainment early. At 12 years old, he appeared on a reality TV show called “The Big 4-0.” The show was based on his family and his mom’s 40th birthday. Although the show didn’t continue past the first season, Dylan’s career took off. Afterward, he got a role in an independent film called She’s a Fox, where he played alongside actress Hailee Steinfeld.

Three years later, Dylan ended up on another TV show called “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers.” Meanwhile, he’d started a hard rock band called Over Gravity. Dylan’s time on the show ended up promoting the band and opening doors for it. They played large shows and concerts and opened for big names in the industry.

In 2014, Dylan started exploring another side of entertainment. He started filming prank videos and posting them on his Instagram page. The videos attracted Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani’s attention, and they invited him to join their prank group, Nelkboys. Dylan agreed and ended up living with them for around 5 months in downtown LA.

Between 2014 and 2017, Dylan and the Nelkboys shot around 30 videos together. Their most viral video is called “Coke Prank on Cops.” It shows them pranking police officers with Coca-Cola bottles in the back of Dylan’s car in Venice Beach. The video has a cumulative viewership of 115M views on social platforms so far. It’s been watched 46M times on YouTube alone and remains one of the most-watched cop prank videos on the platform.

Shortly after, Dylan took a break from making prank videos and went back to music. He used the huge fanbase he’d gained and created new music with his new band Dylan ‘N’ Alice. The band made outstanding music and attracted many important names. A few months in, Beyoncé’s dad and former manager, Matthew Knowles, started working with them. He worked with them for the next four years.

During that period, Dylan ‘N’ Alice released their most popular song and music video yet. It is a domestic abuse awareness and prevention video called “Lonely Hunter.” The video is available on major streaming platforms, including YouTube, where it has amassed 1M+ views to date. The song also peaked at number 27 on the UK iTunes charts.

Dylan’s mantra in life is, “You only have one life, and you need to live it to its fullest.” He is still making music with the band as he explores other business ventures. He runs an Esports gaming organization called Raw Creations Gaming that has 600K+ followers on social media. Dylan uses most of his music in the organization’s videos.

He also does the occasional prank video with his best friend Nathan Davies Jr, Topper Guild, and twin prank group Even Out. Dylan and Topper created one of the most viral videos on TikTok, where they prank people in an elevator. The video has 42M+ views so far.

Dylan has bigger goals for the future, and he’s actively working to attain them. One of them is launching his television network on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. He then hopes to be shooting 3 TV shows of his own on the network.

The first show will be a metal rock podcast, the next, a battle of the bands, and finally, a gaming-based entertainment show. Dylan will shoot the gaming show with Cameron Bresett, Robert Hidalgo, Eddie Vargas, and Erich Brockmoeller. All of them are key members of Raw Creations Gaming.