What You Need to Know About Award-Winning Mix Engineer Dexter Simmons

The music industry is widely recognized as a thriving sector of the global economy. It’s an industry with many players, from artists, producers, videographers, directors to artist managers. Artists are the most celebrated personalities as they play a significant role in creating and making music. Music producers are also among the cherished players in the industry. They are the individuals mandated to help artists bring their musical ideas to life. Mix engineers work hand in hand with artists, bringing their ideas together to get the best out of the artists. 

Dexter Simmons is a highly experienced mix engineer in the American music business. He is a renowned mix engineer based in Los Angeles. Dexter learned his music mixing skills in England, where he studied audio engineering. He later joined the industry and has been actively mixing music for the last 30 years. Throughout this period, Dexter has worked and rubbed shoulders with some of the top artists in the game. 

Dexter has worked with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Toni Braxton, and Beyonce, among many others. Working with these top artists has significantly boosted his career, showcasing his skills on the international stage. It has also helped him establish a wide network of numerous industry players, from artists and producers to managers. This has been essential in promoting his musical brand, welcoming more opportunities his way. 

Though he has numerous career highlights, Dexter’s most significant achievement is winning a Grammy Award for mixing the rap group OutKast’s album Speakerboxx/The Love Below. Winning the award was not easy as he had to battle against other big names in the music production business. Dexter’s work was also nominated for the record of the year award for the single “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy and Monica. This was also another classic example of how good Dexter’s work is. 

A now well-established producer, Dexter wants other aspiring mix engineers and artists to understand that success is a journey and may take years to happen. It’s also a path full of uncertainty with no promises of success. He has had to invest lots of hours, working hard day and night to make his dream a reality. He advises finding passion in what you are doing and never giving up. Dexter firmly believes that you can be whoever they want to be, provided you set your mind to it. You will also need to find a working strategy to get you whatever you want. 

“I believe that anyone can achieve what they set their minds to. I am just a vessel from God,” says Dexter.

Dexter is now looking forward to a promising future with more wins. He wants to continue working with other top artists while still producing more records for himself. This is part of his plan to ensure he taps into his creativity and potential. Dexter is also looking forward to building his company, Lion Pack Music Group, with his partner IMMPAAC. The goal is to make the company a top recording label for all artists, including the up-and-coming artists.