Ariel Gorelik Is Revolutionizing the Vape Industry

Vapes and e-cigarettes have become prevalent alternatives to smoking and some people have dedicated much of their time to making these alternatives accessible to ordinary people worldwide. Ariel Gorelik is one of these people who has spent years of research developing his vaping alternative for everybody.

Ariel was born in Brooklyn, New York, and he was very close to his mother Mila growing up. His mother had the most significant influence on his eventual career in the vaping industry later in life. Even as a child, Ariel showed prowess in entrepreneurship, which would help him significantly lead two large companies many years later.

Today, Ariel modernizes the tobacco industry as the founder and CEO of MYLÉ Vape Inc, a  company which aims to provide adult consumers with innovative solutions to their tobacco addiction by offering a premium alternative vaping product.  

Ariel was initially inspired to found MYLÉ to honor his late mom’s legacy.    In 2016, Ariel went through the darkest moment of his life when his mother passed away due to cancer. She had struggled with smoking addiction, which took its toll on her health until her body succumbed to the consequences of decades of smoking cigarettes. Ariel witnessed how his mother battled her lifelong addiction to smoking, and seeing her defeated by it was devastating.

Accordingly, to honor his mother’s memory, Ariel founded MYLE so he could help others who were going through the same struggle with tobacco addiction as his mother had experienced.  Before building the company, Ariel spent a lot of time gathering data regarding the positive effects of vaping on the body. One concern was whether smokers would embrace vaping. Still, Ariel was ready to face this challenge because he was confident about consumer acceptance of his products.

Cigarettes have been around for centuries, so shifting people’s attention to a possible alternative was a tall task. While Ariel was still conceiving the idea for a vape brand, he was discouraged by many people he discussed his goals with. However, he was confident about his work, so he remained persistent and focused on his goal. Ariel kept his hope alive by thinking that at the end of the day, he wasn’t doing it for himself but for his mom’s legacy.

With his idea being translated into research, Ariel’s execution was the next big step. He had a plan, so all he needed to do was to stick to it since he had prepared every type of contingency he could encounter. Ariel understood that not all of his ideas could be perfectly executed, so he had to be adaptable when he started his business.

Helping people live healthier through vaping alternatives is at the center of Ariel’s ventures in the e-cigarette industry. He does not want other people to experience the pain of losing a loved one to a disease that could be easily avoided through different choices. Ariel promises to continue to use his abilities to positively impact the tobacco and vaping industries and the lives of millions of people worldwide.  For Ariel, this is more than a mission – the growth of Myle Vape Inc is a goal born out of the passion for ensuring that as many people as possible may benefit from the innovative products that can only help extend their lives and the lives of their loved ones.