Benjamin Elias Pens New Album, Prana, Hoping to Inspire a Powerful Spiritual Awakening in Listeners

Stepping into the power of who you are can dramatically change your life, bringing more joy, relief, grace, acceptance, and wisdom. A spiritual awakening helps us better understand ourselves and other facets of life and live more intentionally and consciously, something Benjamin Elias hopes to achieve through his new album, PRANA

Prana dives into Benjamin’s ‘live-for-the-moment’ worldview. The album, which has seven tracks, including “Ivory”, “Prana”, “Lyfted”, “Time/Nuweiba”, “Before Cali”, and “Dali Lama”, shows what it feels like to live in the now. Benjamin sets the album’s tone with a soothing melodic intro that sounds like a guided meditation, allowing the listener to engage in the spiritual practice before immersing themselves in stacked and poetic lyrics conveying a message of hope, love, and positivity.

PRANA shares bits of Benjamin’s story and how he found spiritual awakening. Benjamin was born and partly raised in Denver, Colorado. He moved to Israel at 13, when he began his musical journey. 

Benjamin has always been passionate about storytelling, and his dream was to write books. He began writing hip-hop music, drawing inspiration from legends like Drake, Jack Harlow, and Travis Scott. But after a while, Benjamin changed his approach.

Benjamin wanted to write hip-hop music that gave a fresh perspective. His music is centered on hope and love and inspires the listener. Benjamin Elias views hip-hop as the most accessible tool to tell the story in the 21st century. He believes hip-hop is an incredible art form that allows people to express themselves in an exciting and honest way. Benjamin uses this to speak to the world by showing the audience that it is possible to rebuild their lives. It is also possible to live life freely. 

Benjamin wrote PRANA when he was going through a spiritual awakening. Life had slowed down for him as COVID brought the world to a standstill. But that did not deter him. Benjamin used this time to think more about who he was and who he wanted to be. He discovered yoga, which helped him learn to look inwards, which he says is one of his biggest and best lessons to date.

“I think the biggest lesson I learned is that you should look inward before looking outward. In our world, we are almost trained to do the opposite, which is why we are our biggest obstacles. I wanted to share this through PRANA, showing the audience how thinking more about who I wanted to be opened up doors for me and liberated me to follow my dreams more honestly,” says Benjamin.

Benjamin collaborated with other artists in this project, including Tony Millions and Soul Special on LYFTED. Prana also features Guyku and TraVoYn. The PRANA album is available on all streaming platforms

Benjamin is also looking to create videos explaining how he fell in love with yoga and how it helped him better his life and inspired him to explore new subjects in his music. Benjamin will collaborate with yoga teachers to explain how to practice yoga correctly.