ACJC Is Taking Over the Hip-Hop Scene With His Caribbean-Inspired Sound

Born in California, and raised on the Eastside of Atlanta, GA, ACJC grew up with a strong Caribbean influence. He was born to a Jamaican mother and a Trinidadian father. ACJC has been composing and incorporating melodies found in popular Caribbean tunes, rap, pop, and R&B since the fifth grade. He has grown to create a unique musical sound that infuses Reggae instruments with the influence of southern hip-hop, creating new melodies, sounds, and content that can appeal to various audiences. 

According to ACJC, his sound borrows largely from some of the artists he grew up listening to, such as Beres Hammond, Sizzla, Vanilla Ice, M.C. Hammer, and the late Michael Jackson. His deep and raspy voice gives him authenticity, and ACJC is not only taking over the airwaves but also cementing his position in the modern mainstream hip-hop culture.

Since making his professional debut, ACJC established a brand in the highly-competitive scene thanks to his unparalleled work ethic. His undying hunger for success and desire to strive as an independent artist despite all odds stands him out  in the hip-hop community.

ACJC has released numerous tracks including “Feel Me” and his latest single, “Back Up”, which is already gaining thousands of views across various platforms. “Back Up” was recently approved by the program director for organic placement with Street 94.5, a popular radio station in Atlanta, GA.

Far from the musical scene, ACJC is a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated father of four little girls. Besides being an artist, he is an entrepreneur and owns Lambo Speed, a trucking, landscape, and music recording company based in Atlanta, GA.

As an established talent, ACJC wants other young artists to understand that the music scene is an even playing field with enough money for everybody. “If we all guide and show our people around us how to move in the right direction and drive, any goal can be achieved,” he says.

ACJC also feels that the black community needs real leadership and positive influence. Most rappers don’t speak on the hustle outside of music. A significant number of rappers are selling the fake lifestyle dominated by crime and drug dealing, a narrative slowly killing society. However, the reality is that everybody is not a drug dealer. Instead, ACJC challenges every rapper to preach more positivity, promoting the good that they do in society. To him, if all artists were more open about the good in society and their interests outside of music, such as technology and investing, it would change a lot for the youth in a positive way.

The dream for ACJC is to grow and expand Lambo Speed to become one of the most popular and highest-paying independent labels. More importantly, he envisions expanding Lambo Speed to be the hub for creative growth, providing positive opportunities and guidance for the youth. The sensational rapper also looks forward to releasing more music through collaborations with other top musical talents.