Meet Eloghosa Ogbemudia: The HipHop and RNB Producer Changing the Face of Music

The global music industry has undergone some major changes in the last few years, especially with developments in technology. Using more advanced production tools, artists are now trying different sounds and merging various genres. The many streaming platforms are also changing how people consume music and how singers and producers interact with their fan base. 

As the industry continues to evolve, Eloghosa Ogbemudia is redefining the face of music and bringing a fresh vibe to the HipHop and R&B music scene. He is developing sounds that are not only timeless but also unique and quite interesting to listen to. 

His undeniable production skills and vast music industry knowledge set him apart in the fiercely competitive scene. They are also helping Eloghosa make a difference in the UK music scene as he assists other artists in cementing their spot in the industry.

He says that his goal is to create his own AI that will provide people with great beats and bring a fresh new sound to HipHop and R&B. As a young artist who is now making his mark in the overly competitive space, Eloghosa is also using his platforms to encourage and support upcoming producers.

“The music industry is hard to break into, and you have many obstacles to overcome,” says Eloghosa. However, that does not mean it is impossible for you to build your name in the place. According to Eloghosa, it all depends on your mindset, hard work, and ability to remain focused on your goals.

When Eloghosa decided to pursue music production, many people did not believe in him. His friends tried to discourage him as they felt like it was a wrong move. Seeing that Eloghosa is still in high school, some of his peers felt like he was not going to be able to juggle between his studies and music.

But Eloghosa chose to fight for his passion. He invested his time and efforts in his work both as an artist and student, and he is now changing the face of music as he shows other young people that you can be good in more than one field. Eloghosa recently received the best student of his class award. His song “Diamond”, which was released a few days ago, is also a trending sound.

The song had over 1000 plays on the first day it was released. Eloghosa has also worked on other projects, including “Coming Home”, “Retro”, and “Vibrant”, which have gained massive attention from his growing fan base.

While Eloghosa started his journey in the industry a few years ago, his impact on the UK music scene is visible. Eloghosa is changing the face of the music industry a step at a time and introducing fresh vibes to the original R&B and hip-hop sound. He is also encouraging other young talents, showing his listeners that no matter what others say about you, you should never give up on your dreams. 

Looking into the future, Eloghosa has many more projects coming up. He is working to attend college and learn more about music-making.