Shazam Conner of H-Town, Hit New Single “Pretty Toes”

Shazam Coner or H-Town

*Shazam Conner* from the multiplatinum group *H-Town* introduces his new
solo CD “40 Shades of Me” Volume I. On his 40 song new release, Shazam
Conner shows his talents as a solo artist with music that ranges from all
genres such as pop, rock, techno, dance, dubstep, country, adult
contemporary, urban, urban adult contemporary, gospel and many more. 40 Shades of Me: Volume 1 & 2 will be a two CD release with 40 songs. This
will be Shazam’s second solo album since “Bringing the Heat” released in
the 90s.

Attached is the promo video for *40 Shades of Me*, lead single and Teaser
Trailer for “Pretty Toes”. On another note, Shazam and GI will continue to
tour and record as H-Town, but Shazam has decided to work on his solo CD.
As H-Town, Shazam, Dino, and G.I. are true Kings of Slow Jams. Despite the
lack of support of 90’s music in today’s young market of music, they have
kept REAL R&B alive and continue to fill arenas and sell out concerts
around the United States. Fresh off of the Tom Joyner Cruise, H-Town
continues to shoot episodes for two reality shows “H-Town: Life after
Death” and “The Real Internet Housewives of H-TOWN”. The Housewives series
follows a group of models and actresses based out of Houston as they party,
work fashion shows, fight amongst each other, foster monogamous and some
not so monogamous relationships, and live everyday life in the big city of
H-TOWN while trying to live their dreams in the extremely hard southern
entertainment industry. In addition to completing several film projects,
Shazam Conner continues to add new tracks to his highly anticipated solo CD
and preps an H-Town CD with Dino and GI as well.

Pretty Toes Promo Advertisement 2013 Click to purchase on iTunes.

Shazam has a large and truly loyal fan base that continues to follow him
and support H-Town’s shows, music, videos, media, promos, and web series.
With more than 11 million views of “Knockin Heels” the remix featuring
Jodeci and Pretty Ricky, Shazam is ready to enter 2013 as a solo artist in
a new light without Dino and GI. Shazam has a fresh new look and sound that
will capture new listeners and captivate the old. The fans will get an
opportunity to see him as truly talented and well rounded solo artist.
Shazam Conner presents to you, Pretty Toes!

If you have any questions, please contact Shazam Conner at
(832) 250-7205

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

Hood Critic Magazine was founded by Holland D. Witherspoon in Bossier City, Louisiana 2013. HOOD CRITIC MAGAZINE was created to cover up and coming unsigned independent artist.

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