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My name is Jamarius Lee Jones born August 27, 1982 in Pascagoula MS.  Ihave been rapping since I was 9 years old with a group called 5DB (5 Dope Brothers).  When I Turned 14 I started a group called the South Boyz then at 16 from a group of 5 in the South Boyz slowly evolved into the duo group called 2-Dubb with Patrick Bracey. The name 2-Dubb is an expression meaning we were the chosen ones to still be together and night of armor.

After signing with C-Ham Records in Moss Mississippi and not know the business and losing a lot of money by just wanting to rap while the owner of C-Ham Records pocketed all the profits from hit singles This Life I Lead and Radio Hit Ball Like That off the album Hustling on this battlefield. Then at the age of 20 Jamarius Jones aka 2-Dubb started his own record label called Self-Owned Records meaning what the lord instill in me cant no man take away and that’s my talent. In 2002 Self-Owned Records dropped the album called 2002 D-Slick and 2-Dubb The Unexpected meaning always expect the unexpected. After being in the newspaper 3 times that year, an having a TV commercial shoot by program director Tim Wall of WKFK CH 7 and airing on WKFK CH 7 for a year and also on the Addie Brent show on Ch. 7, performing on stage from Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama and music beening played on the radio on WJZD 94.5. There was nothing else to do in the gulf coast to further my career. So we started traveling to Atlanta GA determined to find a music connect in the ATL. After meeting Wali and Jamal Whited from Jumping Jack Record Pool and ATL web radio we tour the whole state of Georgia on a FM and Am radio and college tour with wali. Also meeting Dr.Love through Wali and Jamal Whited on peach tree st we starting performing at Club 291 and the Greater Atlanta Music and Blues Festival for 4 years and also hosting the stage the third and fourth year of the music festival. Meet Alan Johnson also through Wali and Jamal at the SUMC in 2005 and also meeting Dedra Davis from Houston TX with the Listen and Exchange Music Conference at the SUMC. Then in 2006 I toured the Southeast Region on My own Self-Owned Records Tour including the cities Orlando Florida, Memphis Tennessee aka Beale Street, Holy Springs Mississippi, Atlanta Georgia in 1 week.

Then in 2007 I focused on touring Houston TX and attend Dedra Davis Listen and Exchange Music Conference and meet Pop artist Shevyn Roberts in Feb 2007 and Went back on a Radio and College Tour in the whole state of Georgia in March 2007 with Pop artist Shevyn Roberts Through Wali and Jamal Whited with Jumping Jack Record Pool and ATL Web Radio. Then in April 2007 I meet Mc Wickett Crickett through my cousin and started performing at Mc Wickett Crickett open mic showcase on crosstimber rd. Through Mc Wickett Crickett I meet Malik from Hot TV CH 51 and Cam from Mater Mind Music and Through Malik I meet Painkilla and Supa Dave. Through Painkilla I meet producer J South, Through Supa Dave I meet producer Bluenote and The Unknown Boyz and the list goes on.

By July of 2007 I was touring the whole Houston Texas and Galveston Texas. Then in Sept of 2007 I was performing at Club Taylor for a Hot TV Showcase and meet Autumn with G-Spot Productionz and She introduce me to John and John introduce me to G-Spot George, Bushwick Bill from the Ghetto Boyz, Redd, Studio owner Trae 9, producer Bruce Bang, E-Roc from the 5th Ward Boyz, Freeway and the list goes on. Then in Nov of 2007 2-Dubb and The Mississippi Boyz completed the album Missing Link with a hit single featuring Bushwick Bill Guardian Angel, Beats by J South, Supa Dave, Bluenote, Bruce Bang, Beat King etc. Also with hit single I’m So Tired featuring Mc Wickett Crickett and Polk Da R&B Thug.

From the rest of 2007-2010 we toured with Bushwick Bill in Houston Texas, Galveston Texas, Austin Texas at the SXSW in 2008 and Texas Relays in 2008. While traveling back to forth from Houston Texas to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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