DJ Needle 9:14 – New Album “The Plug”

For Immediate Release August 1st, 2013



As the host of the DJ Needle 9:14 show on CJAM/ Windsor,

DJ Needle 9:14 has touched the careers and ears of thousands of performers and fans, throughout Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, where the station is primarily heard.

Online, CJAM.CA, has spread the DJ Needle 9:14 brand across the globe and afforded him positions with Nerve DJ’s, Future Star DJ’s and Coast to Coast DJ’s.

Literally, DJ Needle 9:14, has been “THE PLUG” for many in the entertainment industry to be heard, which brings us to his debut album.

“THE PLUG” is 10 tracks from Various artist from Detroit, Windsor and North Carolina that deserve wider recognition. Partnered with Modern Tribe Communications, Inc., DJ Needle plans to do just that. Extending his brand with additional promotions, tours, albums and events, DJ Needle 9:14 will continue to expose new, upcoming, and expanding artist, in more significant ways.

The First single, “SHOUT” features DAVID ALLIE, known in many circles as D. Allie, himself a prominent figure for the last few years in the Detroit Hip Hop scene, Solo and through various collaborations, such as the Hip Hop Collective United States of Mind, Blue Collar Gentlemen, the groups Progress Report and live band Cold English.

Currently promoting his latest project, Moonchild & D.Allie Have a Bright Future and planning to release the Cold English album in September. It was the perfect time for David Allie and DJ Needle to flex their management affiliation.

the-plug-done-voiceovered-by-me_thumbAvailable September 10th, 2013 from Modern Tribe Communications, all electronic stores, Major retail and Select Independent stores.

For All inquiries, Booking and Press, email: ModernTribeArtist@ModernTribe.US

DJ NEEDLE 9:14    “THE PLUG”   7-28474-0018

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

Hood Critic Magazine was founded by Holland D. Witherspoon in Bossier City, Louisiana 2013. HOOD CRITIC MAGAZINE was created to cover up and coming unsigned independent artist.