T-Zank To Film New Music Video “Realism” in New York



This weekend, T-Zank will be traveling to New York City to shoot several scenes for the music video to his release, “Realism.” T-Zank has already identified iconic landmarks in New York such as High Bridge, the Strawberry Fields, and Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. “I wanted to do something different with this video.

The record is all about living to our fullest potential. Why not shoot in the city that embodies the American dream,” Zank said. Zank’s music video for realism will mark the third record from his “Section Z” mixtape that

he is supporting with a music video. “We have identified music videos as a great way to increase the reach and fan interaction with T-Zank’s media releases,” his manager David Sentongo remarked. Boston’s very own “DeVonte Singer played a large role in putting the record together and will be accompanying T-Zank and the Successful Musik Group to participate in the video-shoot.

An artist in the industry today, it is essential to take on a multi-faceted promotional model. Artists who simply release music in the hopes that people will automatically listen are the ones who look up weeks, months, and years later wondering why they are in the same place. The mover shakers in today’s industry have learned not only how to make good music, but how to effectively brand and differentiate themselves. T-Zank presents himself not only as a lyricist, but also as a champion for the people and a voice of hope and inspiration for all of us that face setbacks on the journey towards achieving our dreams.

“Evolution is self driven and begins with the desire to change from within. Once on that journey, no one can stop you, but you,” Zank says. This evolution is the basis of T-Zank’s character, his music, his performances, his marketing campaign, and even his album,“Evolve,” which will be available for sale on iTunes and Amazon in July.
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Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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