Who is Yng Rell?

unnamed (4)Who is Yng Rell? Well first and for most Imma God fearing man, a Dad, a provider, Then a rap artist aka Baby Picasso. I started getting serious with my music probably, almost three years back, but I been playing around with music since the 2006 when my homeboy Jb tried to write our first rap song in the military. We let a few of our co-workers listen to it and everybody look at each other and bust out laughing because how bad it had sounded. So I was more like stick to my day job.

It wasn’t until 08′-09 I figured I wanted to play music again when I seen my cousin main trying his best to figure out fruity loops to make a beat. I started trying to help figure it out also when I had free time from work if I wasn’t playing the Xbox. So I grabbed my headphones with a mic and downloaded some beats to see if I sounded a little better with the beats this go round than what I did with Jb. I did, but it wasn’t polished good enough for the industry, but it might just be good enough to let some more people hear me before I even tried to take it serious. A few people said they liked it. I critiqued a lot at the same time. Some was harsh but had you gotta take constructive criticism in this game or you won’t make it.Around bout 2010 I ran across my homeboy Mail Man Marcus and him and the Lucky Nick was really doing they thing with the music. You know how you have to types of envy one that’s good and one that’s bad. The bad on in which you hate some one for what the doing and then the good one where what the other person is doing it actually up lifts you to better your self. Well this was the good one. It was good to see some people from Danville was really trying to put the city on the map by doing something positive. Mail Man used to try and critique me all the time with my delivery pronunciation some times it was cool some times it Bugged me. But all and all I’m glad he did because little times like that I pay attention to so I could make my self better. In my city, these guys really inspired me.

In the rap game, the Jay-Z and Nas confrontation really got me into who’s who in hip-hop. Kids talking about, who was the best on the school bus really mad me watch BET more, so I wouldn’t be out of the loop. But I had to sneak and watch BET because my grandma was a pastor. So if she heard music playing she would come bust the door down and say “turn the blues off, you won’t be playing wippidie doo in my house” lol, its funny now, but then I used to be hot about it. That’s because I didn’t understand religion as a kid more than I do now, but I love her for that. It taught me discipline.

Q. Would I rather be signed or independent.
A. For the moment I rather be independent just so I can build my bargaining chip up. I approach three labels back in 2013. My first stop was Roca-fella or Def jam where ever Mr. lenny Santiago felt. But at the end of that meeting I found out I needed a buzz. So I tried again this time with an A&R by the name of Alaska I think he was for Warner brothers or Interscope. But again he told me I had great music and no buzz so he wasn’t trying to take the chance, because he told me at the end of out meeting I get in contact with you but told me to send him music. Now the last person I got at was a producer by the Name of Yoogie he was pretty cool by this meeting I wasn’t really excited no more about getting signed because I still haven’t had a buzz just good music and nobody wanted to really take a chance. So this is the reason why I would stay independent right now labels want something that they know they can spill they money into and not seem like its a gamble. They are losing money with these one hit wonders that’s why it’s harder now to get a deal than back in the days.

Q.what am I currently working on?
A. I just got finished with “The becoming” the album. Right now I’m working on this campaign for my single “All I know” it’s going to be a great year I can say that for the Gaing Green family. Oh yea that’s my motto #1shuttle2takes it means this is one ship one family and it’s taking to tanks of gas to get this family where they have to go with out having to stop for gas again.

Q. Where to find my music and myself?
A. My music can be found on Livemixtape, Datpiff, Mixtape Factory, etc… Just google YNG Rell and I pop up. Follow me on Twitter @yngrell and on Instagram at @yngrell14.

Q. Contact info and booking
A. Hotrod2013@icloud.com or (228) 627-8907
Bnondaram@gmail.com or (434) 429-0015

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

Hood Critic Magazine was founded by Holland D. Witherspoon in Bossier City, Louisiana 2013. HOOD CRITIC MAGAZINE was created to cover up and coming unsigned independent artist.

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