KAPTN Releases New Single, Announces Label Separation

87057-KAPTN_KAPTN is full of surprises.

The Los Angeles blond hair pop superstar released his next single from his upcoming album – which he has yet to disclose any further details – due to his recent departure from Def Jam / Island Records. His only comment was;

“I wanted to move on my career and not be held up in the typical corporate bureaucracy – I simply wanted off this label and move on.”

KAPTN has landed on his feet with his newest track – a most-mellow post-disco song; with 1980’s throw-back Shalamar sample “The Game”, produced by Multi-Platinum Production Duo Da Internz, who are up in 2014 for their fifth Grammy nomination -“ANACONDA”.“The Game” has already started making an impact as it has cracked the top 60 on the US top 40 radio Mediabase and continues to trend. The record was launched mid-December.

Last year, KAPTN’s first single “Ricky Ricardo” made a run surpassing the top 40 on the US charts. “Now the fun begins” he explains. “Every other week in 2015, I am launching a new track on my Soundcloud account.  I am calling it ‘Payday’, and it will display a wide range of my musical taste. From rap and rock to pop to even some EMD style up-tempo beats, I want my fan base to enjoy a wide range of music I enjoy making. “

Keep an eye out on this kid. This should be a fun one to watch do his thing.

KAPTN’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/yourKAPTN 

KAPTN’s Official Website: http://www.KaptnOfficial.com

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