Meet Talented Singer and Songwriter Anthony Hathaway 

In this day and age, social media is a key tool for success in any field. With billions of users across the various social media platforms, it’s quite easy and fast to sell a product/service or grow your influence. Thanks to social sites like TikTok, people are also able to discover incredible talent like Anthony Hathaway. Anthony has marked his spot in the global music scene with his songs charting on the Billboard 100 and other streaming platforms.

Born in the UK, Anthony Hathaway is a singer/songwriter and music producer who shot to fame with his single “Midnight Train.” While it has only been a few months since the song’s release, it has gained over 5 million streams and become a trending sound on TikTok. Anthony has also created other unforgettable songs including “Unforgettable” and “Love-hate.”

He says he developed an interest in music at a young age. Growing up, Anthony liked listening to various genres; his brother was in a boy band, and his parents were also big music lovers. This allowed him to learn and appreciate different kinds of music. Anthony notes that he would often accompany his brother to his practices, and this allowed him to learn about the different instruments. It also helped shape his career, as it was in their studio sessions that Anthony started his own journey.

At the age of ten, Anthony enrolled in music classes where he learned to play the violin and guitar, which he continues to play today. He has won several awards for participating in talent shows both at school and church.

Although he wrote his very first song in high school, Anthony did not release it. He says he wanted to first focus on his studies. While music is his first love, Anthony also wants to pursue a career in Engineering. He is currently in his sophomore year at college.

When he takes the time to write songs, he says he draws inspiration mainly from random things around him or things that have happened in his personal life. For instance, he says when writing his hit track “Midnight Train,” he was dealing with so much emotional turmoil, and he wanted to use his story to encourage others.

The past two years have been trying, says Anthony. With lockdown and living with uncertainties, there’s a lot on everyone’s mind. In writing “Midnight Train,” Anthony wanted to share his story with the rest of the world while encouraging others going through difficulties not of their own making. He says that while it will seem like nothing is working in your favor, you should not give up. By remaining consistent, you will attain your dreams.

Asked about the future, Anthony Hathaway says he is working on his next project set to be released early next year. He says he is also working on a collaboration with a famous musician who will be featured in his upcoming album. Anthony’s main goal as an artist is to create timeless and impactful music. To help others struggling with mental health, Anthony wants to launch a platform where people can openly share their stories and inspire others.