EDM Producer RavoXi Is Bringing Back Melodic and Unique EDM Music 

EDM is a music genre that has remained a fan favorite since the mid-1980s. However, with the changes in technology, the genre has evolved, bringing forth a more modernized feel. For those that love the classic vibe, it has become extremely challenging to find music that speaks to their souls. To ensure no one feels left out, RavoXi has created a unique sound that is now taking the music industry by storm. RavoXi is a celebrated EDM producer merging the two worlds and bringing back melodic and unique EDM music.

He is widely known for his tracks “Massive,” “SuperFly,” and his most recent release, “Vortex”. More than just music, RavoXifocuses on creating powerful, uplifting, and energetic sounds that have enabled him to stand out from the crowd. His songs have been featured on several radio stations across the globe, raising India’s flag high.

According to RavoXi, he has always had a deep passion for EDM music. He enjoyed listening to electronic music from a young age and would spend most of his free time sampling different tracks. However, as he grew older, RavoXi noticed a significant change in the kind of music he listened to while growing up and the present.

In the industry today, some producers follow the trends to stay relevant and, in the process, end up losing their creative aspect. This inspired RavoXi to bring back the vibes that he used to enjoy, and it was then he joined the music industry. Getting started in the space, RavoXi made it his mission to provide melodic, well-crafted, and timeless music while ensuring he tells the story best.

He invested in learning more about music production, from creating a hook, mixing, and mastering to songwriting, and he later released his debut track “Massive .”In less than six months since he started his journey, RavoXi was not only well conversant with the industry but was on his way to establishing his spot. His song “Massive” went on to receive tens of thousands of views on Youtube and was picked up by major record labels, paving the way for more opportunities. 

Today, his tracks are a household tune with a heavy fan base across Europe and the Americas. RavoXi is changing the perception many have about India’s quality in dance music and breaking into the global EDM industry that is heavily dominated by Dutch producers.

RavoXi is bringing back melodic and unique EDM in a world of forgotten songs and melodies. He aims to create timeless and impactful music, helping him cement his place in the industry. He says his goal is to compose real music that tells everyone a story and generally uplifts the mood. Looking into the future, he hopes to continue creating good music and tour South America as he performs to his fan base. He says he aspires to collaborate with some of the legendary artists who have inspired him, including Divinity, StadiumX, Viz, Dubvision, Yoel Lewis, and Ilan Bluestone.