Meet Berkant Dural, the DJ Taking Over Multiple Industries 

Some people spend years looking for the perfect job. Even those blessed with talent don’t always make it big. And then there’s another group that seems to turn everything they touch into gold. Like Berkant Dural, a DJ from the Netherlands who is making a name for himself in different industries.

Dural is a well-known DJ in the party scenes of the Netherlands and Turkey. Although he is versatile and proficient in other styles, he is more famous for his work in the urban genre. Currently based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Dural’s career didn’t bloom overnight. He began his career years ago in Turkey. There he did a lot of shows before he broke through. Dural went on to play bigger venues, where he gained more recognition.

Dural’s career kept growing, and within a few short years, he started winning DJing prizes. That soon led to TV deals, and he found himself on many shows. DJ Dural spent part of his time in Turkey and the other half in the Netherlands, where his fame was growing by the day too. Soon he was earning awards in both countries. That’s when he decided to venture into another industry: hair care.

Dural has branches of his business in both Turkey and the Netherlands. It was during a business meeting that he met Steven Kwik, a member of Childsplay, a famous DJ trio. The two are now friends, which has only helped DJ Dural’s career grow further. He has already gained popularity in other parts of the world where he hosts his shows, which has also helped his haircare business.

Over the years, DJ Dural has made lots of music available on major streaming platforms. His productions are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. He has also established an enviable social media following where thousands of his fans can interact with him. His online community numbers in the hundreds of thousands on Instagram and Facebook.

The entertainment industry gets hundreds of new talents every day, but DJ Dural has managed to remain relevant over the years. He attributes that to several things. One, he loves what he does. To him, DJing is not just a source of livelihood. It’s playtime as well. According to him, that is the first step towards success.

Two, he believes in his talent. He’d still choose to be a DJ even if he didn’t have anyone standing by his side. People will always have opinions about what you do or don’t do, and Dural knows this well. He says you have to shut out the noise and concentrate on your craft to succeed. The fastest route to failure is listening to other people’s opinions about you or your career.

For Dural, getting awards is just the beginning. Right now, he is looking forward to playing on more stages in other parts of the world. He is also expanding his network in both hair care and the music industry. As his music reaches more ears, he wants to carry his hair brand with him. In the meantime, he is working hard to become the best DJ both Turkey and the Netherlands have ever seen.