How Molly Wellon Is Helping Kids’ Growth and Development With Molly Kidz TV

While the world is moving into new times and modernizing, one of the most important things to remember is that today’s children are the future of tomorrow, including leaders, doctors, and everything else. With that said, the growth and nurturing of children can often be sidelined, especially with the panic and chaos caused by the pandemic. Little has been noted or said about the effect it has had on children. However, among the few people trying to work on children’s personal growth and development is Molly Wellon

Along with her team, Molly runs Molly Kidz TV, a fun, interactive, and engaging platform where children can learn, develop, and enjoy along the way. Molly is extremely fun, friendly, and passionate when it comes to her job and the field she’s in, and it requires all these traits to keep children engaged and interested. Molly is the perfect presenter and performer. 

Molly has been working extremely hard to develop new, modern, and original songs while recreating some classics, keeping the right balance. Along with YouTube, Molly also does live stage performances for children, which are interactive and filled with energy and passion. All this helps draw children into the performance while also encouraging them to interact and learn. 

Molly’s incredible work and unique approach saw her making her children’s performing debut at Gloworm Festival 2021, and she also just recently presented for a children’s online learning platform. Apart from that, her YouTube channel is extremely popular and is growing steadily. As of now, Molly has more than 10,000 views on multiple videos on her YouTube channel. Apart from that, she was also featured on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more. Over a short period, Molly has started to develop her own fan base, which is growing by the day. 

However, this success reflects Molly’s passion and hard work after facing difficult moments on this road. As she recalls, one of the biggest challenges she faced was being tired of the company she worked for and complying with its rules. This restricted Molly and deprived her of reaching her true and full potential. However, Molly did not let that become an obstacle, and she managed to go solo after a year’s gap. Now, she is her own boss and has complete flexibility over her creativity to create fun new songs for children. 

The success and hard work have taught Molly a lot, and she happily shares some of her wisdom. Molly says that you shouldn’t be scared to take risks or dream. While at times, our dreams may seem too ambitious or unattainable, she says that we should go for it, and along the way, maybe help others and make them smile. 

When looking into the future, Molly has plans for her work. She wants to grow her online presence, especially on YouTube. Along with that, Molly also looks forward to performing at children’s festivals in the coming years. Molly has reminded us once again of the importance of nurturing our children and preparing them for the future. She is, without doubt, doing a noble job, and more success is sure to follow.