Exclusive Interview With Aries Marquis

Aries Marquis 4HCM. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who/what inspired you to become an artist, when did you start making music and taking it serious?
Aries Marquis. First thing to know about me is how excited and grateful I am for this opportunity given me to tell a little bit about me musical journey! Much appreciated! I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in this small town called Scotlandville, in which I described in my album. Been doing this for quite some time, but I’m finally making some credible progress. The story of how I got inspired to start doing music really starts with both of my parents. I have been singing since five years old, according to my mom, in church choirs. As far as singing solo, I didn’t start doing that until the second semester of my senior year in high school. Again, that was inspired by my mom, because she said, “In your senior year, go out with a bang!” That is exactly what I did, but before that, I didn’t even know I had a “voice” at all, because I was too nervous and unsure to try and sing solo, at all. My dad heard my voice, in 2006, on my voicemail, singing. He didn’t realize I had a voice, but introduced me to the music industry. From there, I started taking things more serious, by teaching myself to write, and basically find my niche, as an artist.

HCM. Do you feel that the industry needs more artists like yourself? Why?
Aries Marquis. Yes, I do feel that the industry needs more artists like me, because it feels that the passion of music has disappeared from music that is being put out to the masses right now. I am a passionate writer that believes in substance and relatability. It is ok to dance and have fun, but sometimes, there needs to be music that causes people to think and feel, and I think that’s lacking in the industry. I also think that originality is lacking, extremely, in music as well. Yes, I do agree that almost all music is inspired by something from the past, but nowadays, music is mimicked by a sound heard a few days, or weeks, prior to a lot of these releases, and that, in my opinion, is why album sales have taken a drop throughout the years.

HCM. Would you prefer to be independent or signed to a major?
Aries Marquis. I would definitely want to remain independent. Yes, it is extremely challenging doing everything on your own, but the rewards are so much greater than being controlled in certain aspects of your music. I love my creative control, I love my self-made image, I love that all of my copyrights are mine. I just love the fact that I’m in complete charge of all of my decisions. When becoming a major label artist, you are basically a product. You are made by your label, and regardless of the type of deal you sign with a major (there is more than just one deal), you are likely giving up either your creative control, masters, copyrights, royalties, or all of the above, with very little, or no, return on anything. Yes, it’s the easy way out, but I suggest artist who just want to take the easy road to the top without worrying about losing any control, sign with a major.

HCM. What led to the creation of “Imperfections”?
Aries Marquis. Imperfection was supposed to be originally named “Compositions”, in which a random few songs were to be made to showcase myself, as an artist. I, then, thought a little deeper about where I really wanted to go with the album. After thinking about where I was with my musical journey, where I was as an artist, and as a man, I thought…I’m not where I want to be. I can be better, and I have a sea of room for improvement, but at this point in time, I am imperfect in all ranges of life. No one will ever be perfect, in this life, but there are certain things that we can reach our prime in, and I feel that I haven’t come close to that in any category, so I created this short album which gave the theme of my imperfections, although some songs are ironically speaking of the opposite. Songs like Perfect World and Just Us may sound like music of peace, which they are, by the message, but they only cover the negativity that I was going through at the time of writing the songs.

HCM. What are your expectations for this release?
Aries Marquis. Honestly, my expectations aren’t huge, but they aren’t small either, I want to build a solid fan base of music lovers that are looking for my type of music: passionate, soulful, and relatable. I believe that my music can expand around the world, but I don’t look to take giant leaps in order to make that happen. I’ve learned the business, and I know things take time. On the flip side, I don’t want to take forever trying to accomplish that either. Lol. My name is growing, my music is selling, and my work is being noticed, so I’m extremely happy about that!

Aries Marquis 3HCM. Are you working on any future projects and how can the people find you?
Aries Marquis. Actually, I am slowly working on my next project, titled, “Salvation”, while also trying to market and promote this album, and performing at the same time, so that’s why I say I’m “slowly” working on my next project. Lol. My next album is titled “Salvation” because I want to bring out the happy side of life, and finally being drawn out of the “Imperfections” stage, where a lot of crazy things were going on in my life while creating that album. Salvation is going to be the flip side of Imperfections; a much happier, more successful side of things. I believe that it will be so much better than Imperfections, and I love that album. Lol. If anyone is looking for me, they can find me at http://www.ariesmarquis.com. You can download my music at iTunes, Amazon, and basically anywhere music is sold. Type in Aries Marquis anywhere, and you will find me! Thanks!!

HCM. Before we go, would you like to leave anything with the people?
Aries Marquis. Yes! I thank everyone for taking the time out to read about the one, and only Aries Marquis, and I’m really hoping that you support me! Also, you can interact with me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! Type in Aries Marquis, or @ariesmarquis on any of those sites, and you will find me! Hit me up, anytime, and again, purchase my album on iTunes or Amazon! Hope you become a faithful fan! Thanks, and much love!

Author: Mr. Hood Critic

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